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8 Times Texas Was the Best

by Turner Wright Jun 30, 2017

1. When we defended the Alamo.

The odds were against us. Despite us losing the Battle of the Alamo, the struggle of hundreds against an army of thousands continues to be a reminder of the power of perseverance. By the time Texas faced off against Mexico at San Jacinto, we knew our future was bright.

2. Sweatt v. Painter

I suppose this would be more of a negative, as Texas was the one holding the low moral ground. As a precursor of Brown v. Board of Education, Heman Marion Sweatt’s case against the University of Texas Law School provided the framework to finally end legal segregation.

3. The Wendy Davis Filibuster

Wendy Davis held the floor of the Texas Senate for 11 hours in a filibuster that received attention after a proposal to ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy had been introduced — and was brought down by her passion and words. The eyes of the country were on Texas and Davis in particular.

4. Will Ferrell’s Impression of W

…and he’s still pulling it off! This was made in May 2017:

5. Nolan Ryan’s 5000th Strikeout

Before MLB was bogged down with scandals of corking, doping, steroids, and abuse, there was just baseball – though I suppose older generations would say the same thing. Signed to the Texas Rangers in 1988, Nolan Ryan became one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history, striking out over 5000 batters, and pitching seven no-hitters. Even non-sports fans are Texans first, and can cheer for Ryan — and Texas.

6. We walked on the Moon

Yes, Neil Armstrong is from Ohio, and the launch was in Florida, but who do you think those astronauts called when they were on the surface of the Moon? Mission Control, Houston. If they had had IG at the time, Texas would have gotten a hashtag.

7. Lance Armstrong

I need to clarify — the time Texas was the best. Before the truth came to light that Armstrong was nothing but a liar, Texas was riding high — accidental pun, I assure you — on his fame. Lance grew up in Plano and moved to Austin. When his popularity grew, cyclists gathered in Texas for his races and events. If only…

8. Seeing this for the first time

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