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9 Things People From Texas Can Be Proud Of

by Turner Wright Jul 13, 2017

1. Wind Power

It’s not as though the Lone Star State won’t be a massive oil and coal producer until the tap runs dry. However, Texas has done its part to install wind farms, effectively replacing one quarter of its power requirements with green energy.

2. Live Music

As one of the best live music scenes in the country, if not the world, Austin is home to up and coming bands, big names who want to return to their roots, and a variety of festivals to showcase them all: SXSW, Austin City Limits.

3. Football

Football is a way of life in Texas, and our teams have had more than their fair share of wins.

4. Road Trips

 Big Bend National ParkBig Bend National Park, United StatesAn amazing piece of land in West Texas. Come for the hiking, stay for the hot springs. #hiking #camping

Tourists take cross-country road trips and are awed by the size of the United States. Texans plan road trips entirely within the state and may cover just as much ground. With Big Bend National Park, a huge number of state parks, and miles of wild and natural beauty, the Lone Star State is the perfect place to hit the open road.

5. Barbecue

It doesn’t matter where you fall on the Texas food spectrum — BBQ, chili, Tex-Mex, kolaches, corn dogs — our cuisine is highly addictive. We consume our calories proudly.

6. No income tax

Texas may not be the only one to share this particular source of pride, but we are one of the few in the United States. We spend the extra cash on more of the abovementioned food.

 Torchy’s TacosAustin, United StatesThe menu was designed by the customers. Whenever Mike heard his customers holler “damn these tacos are good!” they were added to the menu. Today Torchy’s Tacos operate over 30 stores and a trailer park.

What did we order? The taco of the month, which happened to be The Tipsy Chick : Grilled chicken and corn, green chiles, baby spinach, homemade maple bacon and burbon marmalade, cheddar cheese and chipotle ranch sauce served on a flour tortilla. The Democrat is also a favorite of ours.

Don’t forget the queso and chips, recently voted #1 by locals.

7. We own the Moon

Ok, there may not be a Texas flag on the Moon — YET — but Mission Control at NASA in Houston has been the only agency to coordinate astronauts walking on the lunar surface.

8. Chuck Norris

His roundhouse kicks will defend Texas until he kicks the bucket, and then he’ll banish all the ghosts threatening Texas — to Georgia.

9. International recognition

It says something when you’re one of the few places to be recognized by name anywhere on Earth. Whether it’s due to Texas’ image in movies, politics in the news, or just backstory, we can proudly walk up to someone in the middle of Siberia and see that glimmer of recognition when stating our home.

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