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9 Abilities People From Wisconsin Have Over Everyone Else

by Katie Hinkfuss Jul 23, 2018

We may not be the most famous state in the US, and we are aware that our big sister to the south usually gets the attention. However, through creativity, pride, lots of brandy and beer, and the ability to always see the positive side of life, Wisconsinites show time and time again that sometimes the sidelines are where it’s at! Here are nine abilities people from Wisconsin have over everyone else.

1. Being modest.

Despite the lack of respect and recognition we receive on the national stage, people who have a good eye are starting to notice our shine. Take Vogue’s recent feature of Milwaukee as a perfect example.

2. Taking advantage of every possible second of summer.

With festivals like NEWaukee Night Market and the lesser-known but equally excellent Northern Wisconsin State Fair, Wisconsinites know how to take advantage of the short amount of time they don’t have to wear mittens.

3. Using creative slogans to reflect our unique identity.

Whether representing city pride with MILWAUKEEHOME or Milwaukee’s Latino community with cuatro uno cuatro, or showing off the entire state’s beer heritage with Drink Wisconsinbly, Wisconsinites know how to flaunt all sides of their heritage and reflect their values with just a few clever words.

4. Appreciating the little things in life.

The way we talk about “up north,” you would think it was paradise. We’re as content as can be with only cold beers, sunsets for miles, and a body of water.

5. Supporting Wisconsin teams through thick and thin.

Even though many of the statewide teams are among the best in their leagues, sometimes, taking it all the way can be difficult. But even when the teams are down, Wisconsin fans support their hometown heroes. We will show up no matter what — usually with a beer in hand.

6. Knowing how to order (and make) a proper Old Fashioned.

We all know that putting whiskey in our state cocktail is preposterous.

7. Avoiding people from the Windy City.

We appreciate their business in Door County and the Dells. But we also like putting ketchup on our hotdogs and avoiding traffic, so we are happy to have places to flee them.

8. Finding a way to shine despite being in a big shadow.

All those skyscrapers in Chicago may cast a big shadow, but that doesn’t mean we don’t find our own ways to hold on to a piece of the glory. Brandy may have been introduced to the world stage in Chicago, but we made it famous. Al Capone may have been active in the streets of our big sister farther south, but he came to Wisconsin to get away from it all.

9. Looking on the bright side.

Aaron Rodgers may be getting older, and every injury seems to take us further from the next championship ring, but at least he said he might want to play until he’s 40 and stay with the Packers. And the huge amount of snow last April may have slowed down the blooming of flowers, but at least we got to extend the snowmobile and ice-fishing season.

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