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These Adorable Teeny Tiny Camper Pods Are the Best Way to See Iceland

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by Henry Miller Mar 20, 2018

After seeing pictures of waterfalls, hot springs, and the Northern Lights, Iceland doesn’t seem like the kind of place to spend any time indoors, especially in hotels. Then again, sleeping in tents this close to the Arctic Circle may seem equally unappealing to many. Luckily a company is renting luxury mini campers that can take you all over the island nation, without setting foot in a hotel or having to pitch a tent.

Mink Campers rents teardrop-shaped pods that are hitched to the back of a compact SUV. At 8.9 feet in length, the pods are big enough to fit a queen-sized bed and a bunk for a child, yet small and rugged enough that they can be taken just about anywhere the car can go. But it is the list of amenities that really proves a Mink Camper’s worth.

Every camper comes equipped with a kitchen, including a gas-powered stove and all the accoutrements you’ll need for whipping up a hot dinner, a sound system, heating, a cooler, a coffee maker, skylights for Aurora-viewing, towels, and slippers (no frostbite here).

Perhaps most importantly, every camper is mounted with USB chargers, GPS, and Wifi, so newcomers to Iceland will have an easier time fully embracing their wanderlust without getting lost driving between lava fields, glaciers, and black sand beaches.

If budget is a concern, though, it may not be the best option. Mink Campers charge €269 Euros per day (around $329 USD) for the camper, the car, the amenities, and cleaning, which is about twice the price of most of the highly-rated hotels in Reykjavik. And of course, a tent is practically free.

That being said, none of those hotels offer the same freedom of a luxury road trip across the entire country. And setting up tents is just plain annoying.

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