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Airbnb Is Launching ‘Anti-Party Technology’ To Keep Ragers Off Its Platform

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by Olivia Harden Aug 17, 2022

The days of Airbnb ragers are over — at least without the property owner’s approval.

A temporary party ban that went into effect in August 2020 has been continuously extended. Then, in June 2022, the ban was codified into Airbnb’s policies permanently. Airbnb is now introducing “anti-party technology” on its booking platform, which uses information like the history of positive reviews (or lack thereof), how long the guest has had an Airbnb account, the length of the trip, how far the user lives from the listing if the booking is on a weekend versus a weekday, and more.

“These new anti-party tools come on the heels of our announcement last month that we are codifying our previously temporary party ban. We’ve seen a 44 percent year-over-year drop in the rate of party reports since the temporary ban went into place in August 2020, and our hope is that this new anti-party technology announced today builds on that progress,” an Airbnb official noted in an press release.

The company tested out a similar product in Australia in October 2021, and it saw a 35 percent drop in incidents of unauthorized parties. The technology is now a permanent fixture in the country, and the company is testing the software in the United States and Canada.

Airbnb used to be a simple way to book a venue for a house party. But in recent years, the company has cracked down on parties in an attempt to protect hosts from property damage and to reduce the number of noise complaints. In 2019, the company banned open house parties after a shooting that killed five people in San Francisco.

The permanent policy against house policies only applies without explicit permission from the host, so if you’re really trying to book the perfect Airbnb for a summer pool party, you can message the host directly to come to a working agreement.

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