Airbnb has been trying hard to crack down on unauthorized parties in host properties for a while, going as far as encouraging hosts to install surveillance equipment. Last week, the home-sharing platform introduced yet another policy designed to limit raucous house parties at rental properties in the United States. By banning some users under 25 from renting an entire house in their area, Airbnb hopes to protect hosts’ properties and keep the communities safe.

Not all people under 25 are out of luck, though. The ban only applies to guests who don’t have at least three positive reviews on their profile, so if you’re under 25 and have a few kind words from previous hosts, and no negative reviews, you’ll be good to rent an entire house. It’s worth noting that guests under 25 can still book hotel rooms and private rooms in their areas, as well as listings outside their home region.

Airbnb tested the new rule in Canada earlier this year, and claims to have seen a significant decrease in the number of house parties.

According to Airbnb, “There will always be people who work to find ways around our trust and safety protections, and we know that people over the age of 24 are perfectly capable of booking a home for the wrong reasons, too. But based on the positive impact this policy has had on unauthorized parties booked by guests under 25, we believe this is the right action to continue to protect the safety of our community.”