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Airbnb Wants to Set You Up Rent-Free in a Designer House in Sicily for One Year

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by Morgane Croissant Jan 18, 2022

Airbnb is starting 2022 with what has to be among the most appealing contests it’s ever run: Set up one traveler in a designer house in Sicily rent-free for one year.

Starting June 30, 2022, the lucky winner of this contest will move to the small village of Sambuca, where they can stay for up to one year, rent-free. The catch: They’ll need become Airbnb hosts for nine of the 12 months. The good news: They can bring a friend, partner, or family with them as Airbnb allows for a maximum of two adults and two children.

Airbnb will also pay for the selected participant’s flight to Italy, the airport transfer, Italian lessons for one month, and four cooking lessons, so you can learn how to make traditional Sicilian dishes. They’ll also get to keep their earnings from hosting Airbnb guests. However, they’ll be responsible for utility bills, their own groceries, and the costs associated with the maintenance of the property.

Views of the village of Sambuca, Sicily

Photo: Airbnb

Sambuca is a village of 6,000 inhabitants located in western Sicily. While the village is small, the winner of the Airbnb contest will not be too isolated — Sambuca is only one hour and 15 minutes from the capital of Palermo.

Part of a project to rejuvenate the village of Sambuca, the house was one of many empty properties that were for sale by the municipality for just one Euro in the hopes of drawing younger people to an aging part of Italy. The property has been renovated to the highest standards by Sicilian architecture firm Studio Didea. It now has six beautiful, modern rooms (including two bedrooms) on three floors. The winner of the contest will get to choose which bedroom they prefer and keep the other one for hosting a maximum of two Airbnb guests at a time.

Inside house in Sicily where you can live rent-free for one year thanks to Airbnb

Photo: Airbnb

To enter the contest and take your shot to live in a house in Sicily rent-free, all you need to do is answer a few questions on Airbnb’s 1-Euro House site (and have a good look at the fine prints and terms and conditions). You have until February 18, 2022 to enter.

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