If you’re tired of stepping on the runway and seeing the same old, boring plane designs and colors, you’re not the only one. Airbus is taking a creative approach to their new cargo plane, the BelugaXL, which will be designed to look like — no surprise — a beluga whale. The design was voted on by Airbus employees, from a shortlist of six designs, with 40 percent of the votes going to the beluga whale-inspired livery. The BelugaXL is the successor to Airbus’ existing Beluga transport line, which is mainly used to carry aircraft parts and oversized cargo. This new version is six meters longer, and one meter wider, than the existing model.

Only five BelugaXL’s are set to be built, so you’ll have to be lucky if you want to catch a glimpse of these flying whales in the sky. One of the best spots we recommend to see one of these cool aircrafts is Montoir-de Bretagne in western France, where Beluga planes land and take off regularly from the Airbus facility. The plane still needs to undergo ground tests in advance of its official release, with its first flight planned for this summer, and regular service beginning in 2019.

H/T: Business Traveler