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You Can Buy Direct Flights to Hawai’i for as Low as $89 Today

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by Nickolaus Hines Apr 7, 2022

Hawai’i lifted its travel restrictions on March 26, and now Alaska Airlines is making it easier to get to the islands than ever with deeply discounted non-stop flights from select airports.

Alaska Airlines discounted Hawai’i flights

  • Los Angeles to Maui: $89 Saver, $129 Main
  • San Diego to Kona: $89 Saver, $129 Main
  • San Jose to Maui: $89 Saver, $129 Main
  • San Diego to Honolulu: $119 Saver, $159 Main
  • Portland, Oregon, to Kauai: $129 Saver, $169 Main
  • Seattle to Kauai: $129 Saver, $169 Main
  • San Jose to Kauai: $129 Saver, $169 Main
  • Portland, Oregon, to Kona: $149 Saver, $189 Main
  • Anchorage to Honolulu: $157 Saver, $197 Main

Flights this cheap don’t come without a catch. The best deals are on Alaska’s Saver fare level in the back of the plane and don’t allow seat selection or changes or refunds after 24 hours of purchasing the ticket. Main tickets aren’t much more expensive, however. The flights also must happen between April 25 and June 16, and can only be taken on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

And the most important part: All flights have to be booked by 11:59 PM PT on April 7.

If you can act fast and make the dates work, this is the perfect opportunity to see Hawai’i whether you’re looking to make the most of a first time visit or returning for the hundredth time. Regardless, make this trip extra special by giving back to the islands in an extra memorable way.

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