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Alaska Airlines Will Let People Wearing Star Wars Gear Board Early on May 4

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by Nickolaus Hines May 2, 2022

Greeting someone in a Star Wars shirt with “May the Fourth be with you” on May 4 (Star Wars Day) is fun and all, but it usually doesn’t end up with any tangible perks. Alaska Airlines is changing that this year.

Anyone flying on Alaska Airlines on May 4, 2022, can skip part of the boarding line if they’re wearing any Star Wars gear. According to the company, anything from a vintage Luke Skywalker shirt to a BB-8 ballcap to a Darth Vader cape counts.

“Everybody in the galaxy loves Star Wars, so we had to celebrate this epic day the Alaska way,” Natalie Bowman, managing director of marketing and advertising for Alaska Airlines, said in a statement. “Whether you’re traveling near – or far, far away – on May 4th, we hope to see you at our gates ready to board early in your favorite Star Wars gear. It will truly be a star-studded event!” 

Of course, no one is forcing you to jump ahead of the line if you just happen to be wearing your favorite Star Wars paraphernalia anyway. Those who prefer to board last can just sit tight and show off their outfit to the last boarding call if they want.

For the rest of us, it’s time to put that lightsaber shirt to good use (or whatever it is you have, considering any clothing that’s Star Wars-related counts and, presumably, that’s not against airline dress code policy). Those who dress for the day can board after Group B. Just make sure you’re listening to the boarding call announcements — though if you see someone in a cloak walk up to the gate then that’s probably a good sign that it’s time for the Star Wars fans to get on.

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