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AMAZON PRIME DAY 2023 is in full swing, and you can also sign up for a free 30-day Amazon Prime trial, take advantage of the Prime Day sale, and then cancel, or sign up for just one month if you don’t want to pay for the membership long term. Beyond the specific deals, check out these other recommendations for travel gear from Matador’s editors.

No matter what your day looks like we recommend making a stop at the local grocer to pick up some popcorn. This is so you can spend the evening getting psyched up for the sale by streaming epic travel movies currently airing on Amazon Prime Video. Here are some of the best.

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Discovering the World

The Discovering the World series runs four seasons and takes you around the world. Each episode highlights a major city, a country, or a natural wonder and provides the background and info you need to experience it. Best of all, it’s free with a Prime Video subscription.

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A Map for Saturday

A Map for Saturday follows trekkers around the globe, starting in Australia and continuing across four continents on a whirlwind world tour that lasts one year. Nearly everything about the host changes along the way, from his wardrobe to his worldview.

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Nomadland won big at the Oscars this year, and Francis McDormand’s intimate portrayal of the rough-and-tumble #vanlife experience is as honest as it is inspiring. What the film does best is illustrate that there is often a rough side to what we see from travelers on Instagram, but that it shouldn’t deter you from heading out in the first place.

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Prime Day purchases to help you pass time on flights and in hotel rooms

Kindle Paperwhite

Be sure to have the basics in order before heading out this summer. The Kindle Paperwhite makes it super easy to download and read books while on the go, with backlighting and page design as similar to an actual book as it gets. Plus, it fits easily into all carry-on-approved bags.

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Fire TV stick

Fire TV is among the biggest hotel hacks you’ll ever come across. It’s tiny — smaller than your cell phone — and plugs into the USB input on the back of televisions, providing access to all your streaming services no matter where you are. It also allows for easier casting, saving you the hassle of watching an intense movie on a tiny screen. Want to watch Netflix or Prime in Boston one night and Palm Beach the next? Easy, even without a smart TV.

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Audible subscription

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Audible subscriptions are among the best deals on Prime Day, giving you access to nearly any book or podcast you want to listen to. You can get more than half off an Audible subscription this month by being a Prime member — $6.95 per month, if you buy before June 30. One piece of advice — bring headphones wherever you go, because you’ll be the one with a phone full of podcasts and books to zone out to while everyone else is fiddling around with seat-back entertainment.

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Sony WH-1000XM4 noise canceling headphones

Speaking of headphones, if you don’t want to hear that screaming baby or awkward conversation piercing through your favorite song while in flight, Sony’s WH-1000XM4 noise canceling headphones are worth purchasing. They also have a long battery life and smart features such as auto-pause when you take them off.

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Prime Day deals for travel gear

American Tourister Fieldbrook XLT softside upright luggage

Effective packing begins with proper gear. American Tourister’s Fieldbrook series has you covered with easy-to-access interiors roomy enough for your clothes, work gear, books, and travel souvenirs. Options include carry-on-sized bags and larger suitcases.

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Castries universal travel adapter

There’s nothing more frustrating than checking into your hotel in London, only to realize you left your Euro-adapter at home (or never even realizing you needed one — no shame). Castries universal travel adapter solves this problem for good, giving you the ability to charge your phone, laptop, and other devices anywhere in the world with one single adapter. There’s no greater tool in the digital nomad toolkit.

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Trtl travel pillow

How many times have you checked into a hotel, hostel, or even a relative’s spare bedroom, only to realize their pillows absolutely suck? The Trtl travel pillow isn’t a plush head rester fit for a king, but it is a versatile and packable travel pillow that you can bring with you wherever you go — including for use on planes — and rest easy knowing that your neck won’t creak in the morning as a result of an inadequate pillow situation.

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Eagle Creek packing cube set

These travel packing cubes could have easily landed in the Outdoor gear section of this article because of their durability. Eagle Creek makes organized travel packing something of second nature with this set of cubes, roomy enough for all your clothes and basics without the worry of an overstuffed bag putting undue stress on the outside zipper.

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Surviveware small first aid kit

This small first aid kit is perfect for vehicles, checked bags, and backpacks, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that a stubbed toe or splinter doesn’t have to ruin a perfectly good afternoon.

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Osprey Porter 46

Born in the high desert of southwest Colorado, Osprey builds the toughest outdoor and backpacking packs on the market. Their packs are tested in some of the most rugged conditions on the planet, and the result is the most versatile and durable line of adventure travel backpacks on the market. The Porter 46 is sizable enough for all forms of backpacking and has comfortable padded shoulder straps and netting to prevent back and shoulder pain. Whether you’re tackling a long trail or heading to Southeast Asia for a month, this pack has your back (you know you laughed. Come on.)

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Reef Safe sunscreen SPF 50

Reef safe sunscreen is essential to protecting vital coastal habitats. Protect your skin without harming the environment with this SPF 50 sunscreen — portable, waterproof and long-lasting to get you through beach days and mountain hikes that may or may not end in an impromptu lake plunge.

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Prime Day outdoor gear deals to stock up on while it’s cheap

LifeStraw water filter

LifeStraw’s water filter is a necessity not only for outdoor excursions where you’ll need to filter stream water to drink but for any trip to a place where tap water might not be an ideal source of hydration without proper filtration. It prevents the need for — and expense of — plastic water bottles, and is small enough to keep in your carry-on.

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Hydroflask water bottle and coffee mug

Filter that water into your Hydroflask water bottle, the most rugged water bottle on the market. Its collection comes in a variety of sizes and colors and even includes coffee mugs. The biggest benefit to their products is that once pandemic restrictions are fully lifted at food and drink establishments, you can bring your own to-go bottle and mug with you when you travel and avoid those pesky single-use cups.

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Lander Cairn XL 10000

Upon first look, Lander’s Cairn light may not appear to be a travel necessity. But for someone who spends many days and nights both camping and venturing abroad, no single piece of equipment will revolutionize your travel setup more. This light is perfect for tents, hostel rooms, and other lodgings with inadequate lighting, and best of all, it has a USB plug in so it can charge your phone or laptop while you’re on the go and not near a power outlet. Try bringing it with you to cafes when working remotely — it’s nothing short of amazing.

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