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Amazon’s Carbon Footprint Rose by 15 Percent in 2019

Sustainability News
by Eben Diskin Jun 24, 2020

Whether it’s the rainforest or the online shopping company, things haven’t been good for Amazon in the news lately. The company reported on Tuesday that its carbon emissions rose 15 percent last year over 2018, according to the Associated Press. Its emissions from fossil fuels rose by 18 percent. This data uncovers an ugly truth of modern convenience — just because the customer isn’t driving to the store to make a purchase doesn’t mean that the environment is spared the harm of pollution.

The news comes despite the company’s pledge to reduce its emissions. The company reported 51.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide tied to its operations last year, a stark rise from the 44.4 million metric tons reported the year before. The Associated Press calculated that the company’s 2019 carbon dioxide emission tally is equivalent to 13 coal burning power plants running for a year.

In its plans to address the issue, Amazon stated that it is on track to derive 100 percent of its energy use from renewable sources by 2025, five years ahead of its original schedule for moving to clean energy. It also plans to invest $2 billion in companies working to fight climate change.

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