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Fly the Most Miles in This Travel Competition to Win a Free Roundtrip Ticket to France

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by Olivia Harden Feb 23, 2022

Right now, stories about major scammers across the world, from the Tinder Swindler to Anna Delvey, have taken front and center stage. But that’s not exactly a new phenomenon. One of the most iconic criminals was Frank Abagnale Jr., who spent years impersonating a pilot, traveling from place to place on the run from the FBI in the 1960s before he was eventually caught in France and sent to prison. Twenty years ago, Abagnale’s story got the movie treatment with Catch Me If You Can, an iconic DiCaprio-Hanks movie (Leonardo DiCaprio plays Abagnale).

To celebrate the anniversary, App in the Air is inviting travelers to download its app for a competition to catch the most miles in 2022.

From now through the movie’s anniversary on December 26, app users are invited to “catch as many flights as they can” and track their flyer miles. The user with the most flyer miles at the end of the year will be rewarded a roundtrip flight credit to France to explore the country Frank escaped to before being captured by the FBI. The winners will be announced on the movie’s anniversary. To be eligible, you must be a resident of the UK or US and be 18 years or older.

Of course, flying just to rack up some flyer miles is not environmentally friendly, so if you decide to enter, keep in mind the many destinations there are to see. Enjoy all of the fantastic places 2022 has to offer with new and easy direct flights from the US to countries like Jordan and Mexico. And keep in mind, flights are expected to go up soon, so buy those tickets before it’s too late.

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