Here comes a solution for people with so many friends, their arms simply aren’t long enough to fit them all in the selfie frame. Spelfie has just released an app allowing users to take photos from space.

To take a Spelfie (a clever combination of “space” and “selfie”) you simply use the app to select the event you’re attending (a music festival, for example), and then stand at the coordinates the app provides. Then, at the exact same moment that you take your selfie, a satellite camera will capture your location from space. Later that day, the app will send you the satellite image juxtaposed beside the selfie.

The app uses Airbus satellites, and was demonstrated in a BBC documentary about an environmental campaigner in Bali earlier this week. The image captured from space showed a village of people spelling out the words “Act Now” on a beach.


Photo: Spelfie/Facebook

In the future, the app will expand beyond events and allow users to target a specific location anywhere in the world. The app may even be able to alert you when the satellite is overhead.

Spelfie might be a giant leap for the Insta-obsessed, but in which direction — we still don’t know.