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This Artist Transforms Ordinary Things on the Street Into Whimsical Art

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by Eben Diskin Jun 6, 2018

Michael Pederson proves that, with a little imagination, the most mundane, everyday objects can become clever works of art. For the past four years, the Australian artist has been putting his humorous mark on the ordinary fixtures of our landscape, from street signs and sewers to benches and flowers. The aim of his project, Miguel Marquez Outside, is to highlight aspects of urban landscapes we often ignore.

“I had a drawing show a few years ago which featured images and text,” he told My Modern Met “One of the pieces was also placed in a more public context and seemed to work better that way. Placing something unexpected out on the street can have a powerful element of surprise.” Indeed, his installations are powerful examples of how intimately street art is tied to its context, and relies on that context for its overall impact.

Pederson’s art touches on a wide range of universal concepts and ideas, causing passerby to stop and consider (and chuckle at) each piece. He hopes his work will inspire deeper thought and conversation about public space. “Humor is a great way of engaging people,” he said, “even if there is something a little sad underneath some of the pieces. Hopefully, people will find something there to think about.”

Here are some of our favorite of Michael’s street installations:


Solitude rating

Suspended text

Minor Hazards

Do not touch

Attention Shoppers


Turn back

Wait here

Une publication partagée par Michael Pederson (@miguelmarquezoutside) le

Not ready

Amnesia Station

H/T: My Modern Met

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