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The Best Bars and Restaurants at Barcelona’s El Prat Airport

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by Nickolaus Hines Oct 4, 2019

Eating at the Barcelona El Prat Airport is better than it ever has been. In 2017, the airport signed a deal to bring in or update some 50 new restaurants. Some of those are already in place, while more will be added through 2026. Especially attractive to those who hate being stuck inside a stuffy airport: an outdoor patio with seating and restaurants. When the construction is all said and done, people flying into and out of Barcelona will have a variety of options that celebrate Spanish, Catalan, and international cuisine.

These are the best restaurants and bars to eat and drink at the Barcelona El Prat Airport.

Terminal 1

ALAS: A bar and kitchen with a cooking area in the center of the restaurant so you can watch the chefs prepare both your food and drinks while you wait. Food is typical Spanish cuisine and small plates, and there’s a decent local wine and beer selection.

Location: Sky Center

Boldú: A bakery with roots that date back to Barcelona in 1939. There are sweet breads, pastries, and treats perfect for breakfast or any time you need a little snack and a cup of coffee.

Location: Sky Center

Dehesa Santa María: A tapas bar with a focus on goods from the Iberian Peninsula. Pair your small plates with regional wines by the glass or bottle — or, if you’re catching an early flight, a pastry, fruit cup, and coffee. The well-designed restaurant has plenty of places to sit down but also offers takeaway.

Location: Sky Center

Enrique Tomás Experience: Where to go for fine dining before your flight. Enrique Tomás Experience has favorites like true Iberian ham, chorizo, and salchichón. For drinks, there’s a healthy list of Spanish wines. The option is there to take some ham with you on your travels.

Location: Sky Center

Mediterranean Terrace: An indoor-outdoor restaurant focusing on tapas and light Mediterranean food. Wine and beer available as well.

Location: Sky Center

Piscolabis: An indoor-outdoor tapas restaurant and wine bar that also serves pastries and coffee.

Location: Sky Center

MásQMenos: Spanish beer and wine with tapas, salads, and Iberico ham products.

Location: Floor 3, boarding area D

Montesquiu + Dry Martini: While many places serve beer and wine in the airport, Montesquiu is where to go if cocktails are more your speed. For food, there’s tapas, tacos, and sandwiches.

Location: Floor 1, boarding area A

Tapa Tapa: Just as the name suggests, this is a place with a focus on tapas — lots of tapas. There are 50 options ranging from classic (patatas bravas) to out of the box (truffle mozzarella with Iberian ham). Seafood and paellas are available as well.

Location: Floor 1, boarding area B

Terminal 2

Enrique Tomás: The smaller Terminal 2 version of the Enrique Tomás Experience in Terminal 1. Like the larger iteration, the restaurant focuses on Spanish cuisine and Spanish wines.

Location: Floor 1, boarding area U

Food Market: If you can’t decide or are afraid of commitment, Food Market is a congregation of the coffeeshop Café Central, Asian fast-food spot Wok Street, and Italian restaurant O Mamma Mia.

Location: Floor 1, boarding area U

Ribs: American food likely isn’t your first craving after being in Spain, but if that’s what you’re looking for, Ribs has burgers and grilled meats with an American ambiance.

Location: Floor 1, boarding area U

Innis & Gunn: A sports bar from the Scottish brewery of the same name. Craft beer and pub food like burgers and hot dogs.

Location: Floor 0, boarding area M

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