It’s finally here — the most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas in the traditional sense, but it’s a kind of Christmas for travelers and online shoppers. Amazon’s Labor Day sale is upon us, and that means deals on literally everything you can possibly imagine. You could wade into the endless ocean of Amazon products alone and without a life vest, but you’ll probably end up drowning in an ocean of credit card debt and leggings you’ll never wear. Instead, you could just check out our list of the top items for travelers on Amazon’s Labor Day sale. We compiled this year’s best Labor Day sale travel items, so you don’t have to spend hours sifting through the options. From earbuds to doggie water bottles, these are the Labor Day sale items to keep your eye on.

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VICSEED Car Phone Mount

Amazon Labor Day sale Vinseed Car Phone Stand

Photo: VICSEED/Facebook

The VICSEED phone mount is the ultimate road trip companion. Instead of reaching for your phone every 10 minutes to check the GPS, change the music, or glance at a text, you can simply use this mount to keep your phone in a convenient and visible location. It can be mounted to your dashboard, windshield, or vent, and features an extra strong suction cup to prevent accidental slippage. You might feel a bit like an Uber driver, but you’ll also love the convenience.

Price: $21.11 — reg. $24.95

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Tongue Scraper with Travel Case

Amazon Labor Day Sale Mastermedi Tongue Scraper

Photo: Mastermedi/Facebook

A tongue scraper might sound a bit gross, but so is bad breath. When you’ve just spent six hours in a plane or car, you might want to freshen up without rummaging through your bag to find a toothbrush. This tongue scraper, which comes with a travel case, allows you easily scrape the bacteria off your tongue and teeth for fresher breath and cleaner teeth without the logistical nightmare of digging for your toothbrush and toothpaste.

Price: $8.15 — reg. $9.99

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Lesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs

Amazon Labor Day Sale Lesotc Pet Water Bottle Dogs

Photo: Lesotc/Amazon

Humans love water bottles. Just hang out at a popular summit in Colorado, and you’ll see more water bottle brands than people filming themselves for YouTube — and that’s saying something. Dogs work just as hard as humans to get up those mountains, and finally, there’s a product designed for them. This design melds water bottles with doggie bowls, with a cap acting as a water bowl. Just press the water bottle with one hand and the water flows into the bowl. Perfect for hiking with your dog, the water bottle is lightweight and compact, and can even be recycled.

Price: $13.99 — reg. $15.97

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Skullcandy Indy Evo True Wireless In-Ear Earbud

Amazon Labor Day Sale Skullcandy Earbuds

Photo: Skullcandy/Facebook

Whether you’re on a plane, train, bus, or trying to take a remote work call in a coffee shop, headphones are essential. No one wants to spend five minutes untangling wires every time they pull their earbuds out of their pocket, but the expense of AirPods often isn’t worth the social capital you get from wearing them. Enter the Skullcandy Indy Evo True Wireless In-Ear Earbuds. A much more affordable alternative to AirPods, these wireless earbuds have 30 hours of battery and rapid charge technology, making them perfect for on-the-go use.

Price: 49.68 — reg. $79.99

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Flents Ear Plugs


Photo: Flents/Amazon

For travelers, the invention of earplugs was as momentous as the invention of the wheel. Whether you’re trying to block out noise at the hotel so you can sleep, or trying to drown out the tedious conversation of the guy next to you on a plane, earplugs are an absolute necessity. These plugs are designed to block out music, snoring, heavy machinery, and other loud noises, and with 70 pairs to a pack, one pack should last you an entire trip.

Price: $16.99

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BAGSMART Toiletry Bag Hanging Travel Makeup Organizer


There’s nothing worse than TSA ripping apart your bag and slowly undoing what took you hours to pack. This transparent TSA-approved toiletry bag is designed to pass through security without raising any red flags. It has a 360-degree metal hook for hanging, a carry handle that doubles as a hanging strap, a two-way zipper, and main pockets with elastic straps to hold the bottle upright. It’s designed with travel in mind, to make accessing your beauty products as convenient as possible.

Price: $23.79 — reg. $31.99

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Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern

Fall outdoor gear Vont LED Camping Lantern

Photo: VONT

Avid campers don’t need to be told that a reliable lantern is essential for any camping trip. These LED lanterns are ideal for a fall camping excursion, equipped with 30 bright LEDs designed to cut through the pitch black night. They have a collapsible design that either reduces or increases light, making it versatile for all occasions and perfect for travel use.

Price: $19.99 — reg. $27.99

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Space-Saving Collapsible Hanger Holder

There’s nothing worse than showing up to an Airbnb, unpacking your suitcase, and realizing there’s nowhere to hang your clothes. Maybe you’re moving abroad for a few months, or just staying in an Airbnb or hotel for a few weeks — closet space is useless without hanger space. This hanger holder has over-the-door hooks, perfect for storing clothes or holding them while they dry. When not in use, just collapse the hanger holder and put it back in your suitcase.

Price: $9.99

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Convertible Car Seat Travel Belt and Strap

Amazon Labor Day Sale Convertible Car Seat Travel Belt

Photo: Alnoor/Amazon

The perfect option for those traveling with small children, this versatile item turns your rolling back into a portable car seat, which works with all car seats that have a top tether. It takes just a few seconds to attach or remove the car seat from your luggage, and it can be folded nd and stored pretty much anywhere.

Price: $13.95 — reg. $19.95

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Fengdong 40L Waterproof Lightweight Backpack

Amazon Labor Day Sale Fengdong 40L Waterproof Lightweight Backpack

Photo: Fengdong/Amazon

This backpack has everything you could possibly want in a piece of hiking gear. Made with extra thick, tear- and water-resistant polyester fiber, the backpack features breathable mesh padding, a lightweight design, and is ergonomically designed to provide body comfort even when the pack is full. It also has a multi-compartment design with bags designed to help you organize all your equipment.

Price: $32.99 — reg. $49.99

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