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This Boston Ghost Tour Pairs the Paranormal With Pizza

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by Olivia Harden Oct 21, 2021

Ghost tours can be a great way to get in the Halloween spirit while also learning the history of a city. That’s especially true in old cities like Boston. If you also like pizza (and who doesn’t?), Boston Pizza Tours might have unlocked the cheat code for a great way to celebrate the season.

“We normally run this tour in October and November each year — last year it was so popular, it ran into December,” manager of Boston Pizza Tours Martin Elliott says in an e-mail. “The favorite part of the experience is descending into the crypts beneath Boston’s oldest standing church, dating to 1723.”

The 2.5-hour walking tour includes three slices of pizza from some of Boston’s best pizza spots. You’ll meet your tour guide at Boston’s oldest standing church, Christ Church, which was founded in 1723. From there you’ll travel through the crypts down below, after which you’ll get to try a slice made in the oldest brick oven in the city. Then you’ll get to enjoy chilling ghost stories near Boston’s oldest residence, the Paul Revere House, built in 1680, along with a Neapolitan-style slice that won at Boston’s first annual pizza festival. Lastly, you’ll get to travel to what was formerly known as Boston’s murder district and finish with another slice.

“Boston’s North End is the perfect neighborhood for this event,” Elliott says. “The North End is Boston’s oldest neighborhood first settled in 1630, plus it’s the Italian area of the city too, filled with award-winning pizza.”

There’s nothing spookier than catching COVID-19, so expect to wear a mask throughout your tour. Tickets are currently available through the end of October.

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