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This Bewitching Historic Cemetery Is Looking for an Artist-in-Residence

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by Eben Diskin Jul 16, 2020

Being an artist in residence likely conjures romantic associations of sitting in an old university library, surrounded by dusty books, scribbling away with a quill. This artist-in-residence opportunity, however, is slightly different, and suited for those attracted to the macabre. Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery is looking for its first artist-in-residence — and instead of being surrounded by dusty books, it’ll be dusty gravestones.

From now through September 2, the cemetery team is accepting applications for emerging and mid-career artists. They want you to pitch work inspired by the cemetery’s landscape, monuments, and history, and the winner will receive a $7,500 honorarium for the nine-month program. You will also receive access to the cemetery staff, centuries-old archival records and artifacts, and private studio space.

Harry Weil, director of public programs and special projects, told Lonely Planet, “It’s something I’ve been dreaming up for the past couple of years, and the moment just seemed right. Green-Wood is emerging as a cultural destination in New York City. We’ve had some really great exhibitions and programs, and an artist-in-residency program seemed like the next step.”

Of the ideal applicant, Weil said, “We really want an artist who’s going to speak to the communities surrounding Green-Wood, so work that’s going to engage the viewer, whether it’s going to move them through the space, engage them in larger conversations about life and death, or even what’s happening politically and socially. We want artists that are going to communicate to and expand our audience.”

The residency begins in January 2021 and continues through September. Applications will be narrowed down to 20, before a panel of five judges selects a winner. To apply, visit the cemetery’s official website.

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