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A Scottish Distillery Is Making Brussels Sprouts Gin for Christmas

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by Elisabeth Sherman Sep 4, 2019

Pickering’s Gin in Scotland is leaning into the Christmas spirit already. The company recently released a set of “Festively Flavoured Gin Baubles” in a series of intriguing infusions — including one flavored with Brussels sprouts.

According to Food & Wine, these gin-filled ornaments, which you can hang on your Christmas tree (in case you need a spot of relief from small talk with family members you haven’t seen all year), come in six flavors: Christmas clementine, festive cranberry, spiced pear & cinnamon, figgy pudding, and plum & ginger. Lastly, and perhaps most disconcerting of all, there’s also Brussels sprouts. And yes, its electric green hue will certainly put you in the holiday mood.

Brussels sprouts are a hearty fall and winter vegetable, which might explain its inclusion in the set, but if you get past the initial confusion of a vegetable-flavored spirit, it does actually make sense to flavor gin this way. Think about it: Gin is beloved for earthy notes; Brussels sprouts have savory, herbal flavors.

“We know it sounds bonkers, but the humble sprout delivers a pleasantly sweet, slightly nutty gin, perfect for mixing,” Pickering’s elaborates on the company website. “Our Brussels Sprout gin finishes with a delightfully herbaceous, fresh green pepper twang.”

These baubles are perfect for anyone even mildly curious about what vegetable-infused gin tastes like as each one contains just a little more than a full shot of liquor. Pickering’s insists it’s tasty in a Gin and Tonic garnished with a slice of cucumber. And if Brussels sprout gin piqued your interest in other off-the-wall gin infusions, Pickering’s also distills a pink grapefruit and lemongrass liqueur.

Pickering’s used 10,000 Brussels sprouts that would have ended up in the waste bin to distill this concoction. Plus a portion of the profits of each holiday set of gin baubles will benefit Contact the Elderly, an organization that provides companionship for people who would otherwise spend the holidays alone. Doing good deeds for the planet and its people is surely in the Christmas spirit.

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