Bella and Edward found their perfect piece of forever and moved on from her family home in Forks, but that just means that you now have your own shot at a blissful Twilight-esque lifestyle — her house from the movies is now up for sale.

Whether you prefer the books or the movies, are team Edward or Jacob (or Switzerland), there’s no denying that some of the movie’s most pivotal moments occurred there. At the start of Twilight, Bella moves from Phoenix to Forks, Washington, to live with her father, Charlie Swan. The house is where Edward picked Bella up for the first time in a shiny silver Volvo (and several times thereafter), where Bella researched Edward’s abilities and came to the conclusion that he was a vampire, where they had their first kiss, and where she and Charlie had their argument toward the end of the film. And, maybe less significant but still just as endearing, it’s also where Charlie picked up his shotgun right before Edward walks inside to be introduced.

The house was used all throughout the first movie for filming, but for the following movies, it was recreated exactly as is on a soundstage. And while fans know her home in Forks is in the state of Washington, the physical location used is in St. Helens, Oregon.

According to the real-life owner, Dean Koenig, the film crew made changes to the home that he and have his family have still kept intact even past the franchise’s end. In a letter he wrote detailing his experience watching the movie and seeing the cast in his home and on his furniture, he stated, “There is a close-up shot of Bella standing in the kitchen right in front of a small square cabinet left of the fridge. My wife leaned over and said ‘Hey! I know what’s in the cupboard.’ […] That is really a crazy thing to see on a big screen.”

Luckily, you won’t have to worry about handsome strangers watching you sleep or revenge-bent vampires sniffing around your things — but you will have to come up with $349,900 to purchase the 1935-built four-bedroom, two-bathroom home. And probably put up with fans still trying to take photos in front of your house all day.

H/T: Hello Giggles