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California Amusement Parks Can Reopen on April 1, but There’s a Catch

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by Dayana Aleksandrova Mar 18, 2021

The state of California will allow amusement parks to reopen starting on April 1 but there’s a catch — visitors aren’t allowed to make noise on rides.

The trade group California Attractions and Parks Association (CAPA) is recommending that people refrain from anything that may spread bacteria such as screaming, singing, and heavy breathing. Detailed guidelines can be found in its Responsible Reopening Plan.

CAPA is trying to restart large amusement parks such as Disneyland and Six Flags in the safest way possible. Six Flags and Universal Studios can open their doors again on April 1 at a 15 percent capacity if they choose to. Disneyland is planning to reopen later, on April 30.

Guidelines such as these were first introduced in Japan in May 2020. A silent policy was enforced on roller coasters with some parks offering special face masks designed to look like the wearer was screaming in order to emulate the ambiance as closely as possible. While the future of entertainment and amusement parks looks uncertain, steps are being taken to save the industry and strike a balance between fun and safety. According to CAPA, California’s parks currently employ 135,000 who are in dire need of income.

“Economic recovery will be slow-going. It will take time for consumer confidence to return and for struggling families to plan a trip to an amusement park. According to data collected from Visit California, the tourism industry is suffering immense losses, with travel-related spending not expected to recover until 2024,” CAPA said in a statement.

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