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Japan Amusement Parks Ban Screaming on Rollercoasters

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by Eben Diskin May 28, 2020

If you’ve ever been on a scary rollercoaster, you probably know that when the fear and adrenaline kick in, screaming is the standard reaction, and it’s not one that is easily controlled. But if you decide to spend any time in a Japanese theme park these days, you’re going to have to reign it in.

Japan is lifting its state of emergency this week, and theme parks will be allowed to reopen after being closed since February. But to remain vigilant and prevent the spread of coronavirus via droplets, a group of 30 theme park operators in the country, called East and West Japan Theme Park Associations, is asking that guests not cheer or shout on outdoor attractions.

And as if the screaming rule wasn’t already tough enough to enforce, employees are also being encouraged to keep conversations short and instead communicate with hand gestures or eye expressions with customers.

Other more reasonable and expected measures will also be introduced, like mask requirements, heightened cleaning measures, temperature checks, social distancing guidelines, and limiting entry to visitors from certain prefectures.

Although many of Japan’s theme parks are reopening, Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Japan haven’t yet announced reopening dates.

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