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Pedal Among California’s Ancient Redwoods on an Old-Fashioned Railbike

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by Eben Diskin Sep 2, 2020

Traveling the redwood route from California to Oregon is incredible no matter how you do it, but doing part of the trip on this old-fashioned railbike is definitely the most memorable.

The California Western Railroad, created in 1885, had previously been a route for railcrusiers, which were introduced in 1925 as a new means of traveling through the forest. In 1996, California Western was purchased by local investors, marking the first time the railroad was operated as an independent business. Now a new railbike excursion has become popular with visitors.

Photo: Skunk Train/Facebook

Leaving from (and arriving at) Fort Bragg, the custom-built electric railbikes allow you to pedal your way along the old tracks and trestle bridges, with views of the scenic Pudding Creek. They take you into the heart of the famous redwood forest of Mendocino County in unique style.

Jason Pinoli, the “Chief Skunk,” told Bored Panda, “The Redwood forest is a dreamlike place, particularly on a rainy or misty day, it’s like a scene from Jurassic Park. With the railbikes traveling along the Pudding Creek Estuary, you can’t help but think that a brontosaurus might be around the next corner.”

Since passengers don’t need to steer, they’re free to enjoy the views of the forest, and keep an eye out for wildlife like otters, egrets, deer, and possibly even bears.

The railbikes cost $250 per bike, with room for two riders, which includes a 50-minute stop in scenic Glen Blair Junction to get closer to the majestic trees.

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