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You Could Win $13,000 for Designing London’s New Park in the Sky

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by Eben Diskin Sep 17, 2020

London wants your input to design its own version of New York City’s High Line — an elevated park and green walkway along an abandoned train line. The project’s developers are tapping creatives from around the world to help revitalize the old railway viaduct running between Camden Town and King’s Cross and turn it into a beautiful green space.

Oh yeah, and if your design is chosen, you could win a $12,900 prize.

The urban park will run just under one mile, about 26 feet above ground level, and allow people to walk between Camden and King’s Cross in just 10 minutes. Many of the current structures along the route have been abandoned for over 30 years, and now the project organizers are looking to breathe new life into them.

Designers are encouraged to enter their ideas online. According to the competition brief, “This is a competition to find the right design team with the right skills and ethos, with whom an amazing new landmark can be created for London. It is not a competition to identify a design solution for the project, this will be created through a collaborative design process with stakeholders, once the team has been appointed.”

Eventually, the Highline, which will be open and free for all, will include art, seating areas, cafes, and more. It’s slated for partial completion by 2024.

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