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This Campground Site Helps You Find the Best Spot No Matter What You're Looking For

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by Olivia Harden Jul 27, 2022

It’s camping season, and whether you’re making your way to a forest, national park, or the beach, you’ll want to ensure that when you arrive, your campground will have everything you need. A new website,, can help you narrow down the search for the best camping spots.

On the site, users can search 16,000 campgrounds throughout the United States. There are 360-degree virtual tours and a comprehensive searchable database to make the best choice for your next adventure. The database is also easy to use. First, input where you’re trying to visit. Then, narrow the search by how many miles you’re willing to travel to your destination. You can refine your search by whether pets are allowed, WiFi availability, electric availability, water hookups and more, making it a good choice for digital nomads looking to work on the go, travelers new to camping, or RV travel. The database is free, but users need member access to use the 360-degree virtual tour software. After using the site, users can seamlessly head to the booking website for the specific campground.

“Finding the right campsite, especially in popular areas near National Parks or other hotspots, can often be the most challenging part of the camping experience because you don’t know if you’ll be next to a dumpster or bathroom, or what the view might look like,” said Mark Koep, founder and CEO of in a press release. “Campers love our virtual tours because they offer the unique ability to see the whole site before arriving so they can make informed decisions about where they want to stay and what to expect when they get there.”

Memberships are available in tiers. The Road Tripper for $3.99 gives you access to the site for a week, making it a good choice if you’re only going on one or two trips or like to plan in advance. The Journey Camper for $54.99 gives you access for six months, and the Annual Camper package is $99 for the year.

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