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You Can Now Get Married Under the Tree of Life in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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by Eben Diskin Jul 6, 2018

You might not be able to live in Cinderella’s Castle, but that Disney princess fantasy just got a whole lot more attainable. Now you can actually get married in front of one of Disney’s most iconic landmarks: the Tree of Life in the Animal Kingdom.

Disney broke the news on July 5, saying that the tree “serves as the picture-perfect backdrop for a memorable wedding. Lush trees and exotic flowers surround the space, creating an enchanted setting.”

The Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida is seeing a resurgence in popularity after the opening of Pandora — The World of Avatar. Disney seems to be capitalizing on the once under-visited park’s newfound crowds by offering this new wedding locale.

But if the Animal Kingdom still isn’t your cup of tea, there are other Disney-themed wedding options available too, like the railroad station at the Magic Kingdom or the Chinese Theater at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. If you or your partner loves Disney, any of these locations could be an ideal spot for your dream wedding.

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