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You Can Now Purchase a Countryside Home in Croatia for Just 16 Cents

Croatia News
by Olivia Harden Jun 17, 2021

Buying a home is pricey, unless you plan on moving to the small town of Legrad in Croatia, in which case, it’s unbelievably cheap.

Legrad once had the second-biggest population in Croatia, but when the Austro-Hungarian empire collapsed, new borders were formed. And the town — which is on the border with Croatia and Hungary — started declining.

“We turned into a border town with few transport connections to other places. Since then, the population has been gradually falling,” Mayor Ivan Sabolic told Reuters.

Legrad has a population of 2,500 people, half of what it was 70 years ago.

But town officials are on a mission to grow the population of the town by listing abandoned houses and construction sites for just one kuna (16 cents). Seventeen of the 19 properties listed have been sold. The town has also offered to put up 25,000 kunas ($3,983) toward repairs. And if you’d prefer to purchase a private home, it will cover 20 percent of the house, up to 35,000 kunas ($5,570).

There are a few caveats. New residents must stay in the homes for at least 15 years, so the houses are only being sold to people under 40. The listings are currently only open to Croatian residents, but with Croatia being open to vaccinated US travelers, you never know what a trip to Croatia may lead to.

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