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Croatia Is Opening to Fully Vaccinated US Travelers

Croatia News
by Eben Diskin Apr 5, 2021

Croatia is eyeing up spring and summer travelers, opening up its borders to fully vaccinated tourists from any country. All international tourists who have received both doses of a two-dose vaccine, or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson shot, and waited the necessary two-week period, will be exempt from having to show a negative test or quarantine upon arrival in Croatia, the nation’s Ministry of the Interior explains.

Vaccination isn’t the only requirement, though. Travelers must also show proof of paid accommodation in a hotel, camp, private rental, or rented vessel paid in advance. A reservation alone will not be sufficient.

Non-vaccinated US tourists are also allowed to visit, though they will be required to show a negative PCR or rapid antigen COVID-19 test taken within 48 hours of arriving at the border. Travelers who took a rapid antigen test and who are staying longer than 10 days must take an additional test after the 10th day. They can also opt to show proof (a certificate of recovery issued by a physician) that they have already contracted COVID-19 and recovered within the last six months and at least 11 days prior to arrival in Croatia. Getting tested upon arrival is also an option, though you’ll be expected to quarantine until the results come in.

It’s also important to keep in mind that travelers returning to the US will be required to get tested within 72 hours of boarding their flight back to the US.

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