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You Can Now Take a Free Language Class During Your American Airlines Flight

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by Jori Ayers Jun 1, 2021

You can now do more with your in-flight entertainment than watch movies and TV shows on a tiny screen. American Airlines recently announced that passengers can take language classes on Rosetta Stone as well as learn new skills and hobbies through the creative learning community Skillshare.

The partnership with the two online education companies makes American Airlines the first to offer remote learning in the air, according to a press release. As of June 1, passengers can pick from more than 150 classes on what’s called the Lifestyle in-flight entertainment channel. You can pick up some common expressions in Italian, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese through Rosetta Stone, for example, or learn how to draw maps and frame the perfect travel photo through Skillshare.

“The importance of personal enrichment has grown over the past year, but so have the varying priorities competing for our attention,” Clarissa Sebastian, managing director of premium customer experience and onboard products, said in the press release. “We are thrilled to team up with Rosetta Stone and Skillshare to introduce new, interactive ways for our customers to spend their time with us.”

Will a quick in-flight Rosetta Stone class give you the same amount of information as an immersive language experience? No, but it will make it easier to hit the ground running with terms and phrases you’re bound to need on your trips (just note that practicing your new words out loud probably breaks more than a few airplane etiquette rules). Likewise, a Skillshare class won’t make you an expert photographer, but it could improve your travel photos so that they’re something you actually want to share with friends and family when you get back.

Regardless of how in-depth you manage to get, one thing is true: It’s a whole lot more productive to do a little learning while you’re sitting on that hours-long flight than it is to endlessly scroll through the hundreds of movies that were made for the big screen.

The classes, as well as the up to 600 movies and TV shows, are available for free on all American flights by logging into the AA-Inflight Wi-Fi from your phone, tablet, or laptop. Now there’s no excuse for not knowing how to ask where to grab that taxi when you land.

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