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You Can Stay at This Adorable Bookshop Airbnb in Scotland

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by Eben Diskin Jul 2, 2018

If you want to really throw yourself into Scottish culture on your next trip to the UK by living a cozy life in a small countryside town, The Open Book on Airbnb may be the ultimate accommodation for you. You’ll be staying in Wigtown, Scotland’s official National Book Town located in the lowlands, and sleeping right above a local bookshop.

As a guest of The Open Book, you will be supported during your stay by a team of bookshop volunteers, who are there to make your vacation as comfortable as possible. The goal of The Open Book residency is to celebrate independent bookshops and welcome people from around the world to Scotland’s National Book Town. Because The Open Book is a nonprofit, the cost is surprisingly low at only $55 per night.

Many guests choose to spend their nights at Wigtown’s pubs or exploring the nearby woodlands, castles, bike trails, farms, and whiskey distillery. Renting a car is encouraged, so you can access everything the Scottish lowlands and Galloway have to offer.

Keep in mind that The Open Book has a minimum stay of six nights, but at this price, why wouldn’t you want to stay at least a week?

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