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You Can Visit This Paris Museum Completely Naked

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by Tim Wenger Mar 19, 2018

The nudist movement in famously free-wheeling France chalked up another pantless win recently: visitors to the Palais de Tokyo art museum in Paris will be able to visit the museum free of clothing on May 5. The museum is located in Paris’ 12th district, increasingly a hub for those wishing to free themselves from the constraints of pesky mandatory clothing laws. This “nude museum day” will be the first such event anywhere in the world.

This fully exposed event is the brainchild of the Paris Naturists Association. The group has also organized nude sporting activities and successfully lobbied for the designation of a public nudist area in the city’s largest park, the Bois de Vincennes.

The Palais de Tokyo is a public art museum showcasing both contemporary and modern art. The space is broken into two wings, with the East wing featuring modern art owned by the City of Paris and the West wing housing contemporary art and operated by the country of France.

It’s yet to be seen if this event will loosen the belts of tourists who flock to the Louvre each day, as the Palais de Tokyo remains a more under-the-radar attraction. Those who fancy a day of art appreciation in the buff can’t just show up and drop trow, however. Guests must register with the Paris Naturists Association in advance in order to participate. Once registered, admission to the museum is free with one low-hanging caveat — inhibitions must be checked at the door. Everyone attending must participate in the nude, and to ensure no one opts out, all clothing is to be stored in the cloakroom and retrieved at the end of the visit.

France is home to over two million residents who participate in nudism at least recreationally, according to the France 4 Naturism Association. The group helps members ‘become one with nature’ by organizing nude retreats and vacation packages in tourist destinations across the country. The nude museum day follows the opening of the city’s first nude restaurant, located a short train ride away from the Palais de Tokyo.

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