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8 Ways People Are Getting Naked in Europe

by Amanda Machado May 22, 2015

1. Getting their body painted in Austria

Since 1998, Austria has hosted the World Bodypainting Festival where 30,000 people come down to “Bodypaint City” to experience the work of body painting artists from around the world.  The event includes lessons and seminars (for beginners and professionals) on topics like airbrush, special effects, digital art, photography, fashion and more. The main event is the Body Art Fashion Show and the World Bodypainting Championships where the best of the best showcase their work. The festival ends with the traditional Body Circus, a club dance party with attendees decorating themselves in masks, extreme make-up and body paint along with live music, DJ’s and displays of visual art.

2. Hiking naked in Germany

In 2010, Germany opened its first nudist hiking trail. The trail runs between the town of Dankerode to the Wippertal dam, near Leipzig. The trail runs 11 miles and even got an endorsement from the mayor of Wippertal.

3. Taking a cruise with Bare Necessities Tour & Travel 

The tour company claims they are the “the only true nudist cruise company in the world.” Clothing is entirely optional in every space aboard the ship except for the dining rooms. Tours visit destinations like Italy, Greece, Slovenia and Greece, stopping at nudist locations along the way.

The company states on their website that they support “the belief that sexuality is not a state of undress but rather a state of mind, and that social nudity is not a sexual activity. We strive to dispel the misconception that nudity is sexually exploitative.” Options range from large cruises carrying up to 3,000 passengers to small, luxury yachts.

4. Running with the nudes in Pamplona

Organized by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), this event takes place two days before the traditional “running of the bulls” festival in the town. The run was created as a protest against the cruelty and torture of bulls that occurs as a result of the famous festival.

5. Sledding naked in Germany

Each February, the World Naked Sledding Championship is held Germany with 44 contestants stripping down, putting on their helmet and boots, and sledding down a 50 meter hill to cross the finish line first for the title of “Nacktrodelmeister” or “Naked Sledding Champion”. 5,000 people show up each year to cheer them on.

6. Feeling the breeze at Bellevue Beach near Copenhagen

In the warm summer months, locals love to visit this 700 meter nudist beach just 15 minutes away from central Copenhagen.

7. Rocking out naked at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark

Held every June, this festival is the largest culture and music festival in Northern Europe, with more than 100,000 spectators. It also has a yearly nude race around its 80 hectare campsite. Winner gets free tickets to next year’s event. The festival itself is run by Roskilde Festival Charity Society, a non-profit organization that supports initiatives that benefit young people and support cultural and humanitarian work.

8. Taking a bath at Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme in Germany

As homage to the Roman sweat baths of the ancient past, the Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme allows visitors to get the complete nude spa relaxation experience in one of the establishment’s many steam rooms. Not “clothing-optional” but instead “clothing prohibited” in the sauna area (the site explains this is for hygienic reasons), the spot is perfect for those who are unafraid to bare during their cleansing, sauna experience. 




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