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Government Surveillance Agents Head to Cancun and Tulum to Enforce COVID Restrictions

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by Olivia Harden Feb 1, 2022

If you’ve planned a vacation to Cancun or Tulum in the next couple of months, just know that there may be a lot of restrictions. The tourist hotspots in the state of Quintana Roo recently moved into the second highest level, orange, on Mexico’s COVID-19 traffic light system. All hotels, restaurants, tourist destinations, and other establishments are expected to run at significantly reduced capacities, according to the Cancun Sun.

“We are facing a very important moment. What we do will be reflected in what will happen in the coming weeks,” Governor Carlos Joaquín tweeted.

Essential services like markets, malls, and other stores are encouraged to enforce social distancing, administer temperature checks, enforce mask-wearing, and practice regular sanitization. If possible, essential services should attempt to reduce capacity. Surveillance agents will check hotels, restaurants, and other businesses to enforce the at 50 percent capacity rule unless the business is otherwise granted permission to allow for higher volume. Companies in the non-essential economic activities sector will only be allowed to work with 30 percent of their staff. The governor also announced road closures in the major tourist areas beginning at 8 PM and closing altogether from 1 AM and 5 AM. State officials will be distributing masks in public places and encouraging locals and tourists to practice sanitary measures.

Although Cancun hopes to avoid red light designation, businesses that follow COVID-19 regulations are still expected to feel the negative effects in the orange level. If you’re looking forward to your planned trip, just be sure to respect the country’s COVID-19 guidelines to ensure a good time. There are also plenty of other areas that are just as beautiful as Cancun. Look to places like Merida in the Yucatan peninsula, for example, which is currently a yellow-listed destination.

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