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You Can Play Beekeeper and Winemaker This Harvest Season at This Napa Resort

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by Jori Ayers Aug 30, 2022

A luxury vacation in Napa, California is likely going to involve spending much of your time outdoors, whether you’re touring vineyards, hiking in one of the area’s state parks, or kayaking on the Napa River. Appreciating nature is just part of the California lifestyle — and if you care about the environment, there are ways to show how much you value our planet by immersing yourself in experiences that prioritize sustainability. One place offering just this type of experience is Carneros Resort and Spa, where you can get hands on during this year’s harvest season, learning about, and even trying out, sustainable wine making and beekeeping.

The 28-acre luxury resort is hosting a sustainable harvest season package that will feature a lineup of sustainable programming experiences for guests.

The main package includes a two night stay at the resort, from September 23-25, and a trip to Cuvaison Estate Wines, where guests will learn about how wine is sustainably grown and harvested. The immersive experiences includes wine tastings and picking grapes that will be used later in production.

Carneros Resort-bee keeper lifting hive

Photo: Carneros Resort and Spa

Participants will not only learn the nuances of wine making, but can also get hands on experience as a beekeeper during the All the Buzz excursion. At the resort’s apiary, guests can learn not only about bee habitats and life cycles, but how to support bee populations when they get home. The educational evening will end with a cheese and honey wine pairing.

Additionally, if you’re traveling with family, a kid-friendly option at the resort is the (free!) Little Green Thumb Gardening Tours, where little ones can visit the on-site chicken coop and rabbit hutch, feed the chickens, and learn about how the resort produces its own organic herbs and vegetables.

The resort will also highlight wines that are produced sustainably on Fridays from 4-5:30 p.m. at the Napa Green Wine Pour event. The ongoing wine tasting series celebrates wineries that prioritize climate action and regenerative carbon farming.

If you value sustainability and environmentally-friendly agriculture, wine, and food, then it might be worth booking a stay at Carneros Resort and Spa. After all, if we want keep enjoying nature, we have to learn how to treat it well.

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