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Flights to These 20 Cities Are About to Get a Lot Cheaper in April

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by Matthew Meltzer Mar 18, 2019

By April, your New Year’s resolution is pretty much shot, right? You made it to Valentine’s Day and cutting carbs still didn’t land you a date, so once St. Paddy’s rolled around it was time to drink all those carbs back in the form of green beer. It’s cool, but now that you’re not so worried about counting calories, it’s time to go all in and stuff yourself with tacos, moles, chiles, guacamole, and all the other stuff you’d been depriving yourself of all year.

Lucky for you and your newfound appetite, airfares to places to engage in said gorging are going to be extra cheap in April. Our friends at Skyscanner — the travel app that, as the name might imply, scans airfare prices both past and present to find you the best deal — took a look at historic flight data to find out which cities should see airfares getting cheaper in April. And the results made our mouths water.

On the domestic side, you can sample al pastor, carne asada, and even fish tacos all over Southern California, with flights to Long Beach, Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles all landing in the top 10. If you’d like something a little healthier, America’s farm-to-fork capital in Sacramento has flights down four percent to $327. Tex-Mex more your style? Dallas flights will be down four percent to $247. Or you can just spend a week eating wings in Buffalo with flights down five percent to $250. The rest of the domestic top 10 sounds delicious too:

  1. Long Beach, California — $220 (six percent)
  2. San Francisco, California — $266 (five percent)
  3. Buffalo, New York — $250 (five percent)
  4. Sacramento, California — $327 (four percent)
  5. Albuquerque, New Mexico — $318 (four percent)
  6. San Diego, California — $288 (four percent)
  7. Dallas, Texas — $247 (four percent)
  8. Orange County, California — $315 (three percent)
  9. Los Angeles, California — $279 (three percent)
  10. Boise, Idaho — $328 (three percent)

On the international side, you may want to dust off your ninth grade Spanish book so you can learn how to order, as Latin America dominates the field. Hit one of the best food cities in the world and get adventurous eating grasshopper tacos in Mexico City, with fares down 12 percent to $331. However, fresh seafood might be a healthier option. Monterrey has plenty of that and flights down nearly 10 percent to $368. For something a little different, but still greasily delicious, try shark bake — fresh shark in a warm piece of fried bread — on the beach in Trinidad and Tobago. Flights there are down seven percent to $550. Here are the rest of the international culinary offerings:

  1. Guadalajara, Mexico — $292 (20 percent)
  2. Silao, Mexico — $292 (20 percent)
  3. Bogota, Colombia — $473 (13 percent)
  4. San Salvador, El Salvador — $503 (12 percent)
  5. Mexico City, Mexico — $331 (12 percent)
  6. Lagos, Nigeria — $1,110 (11 percent)
  7. Monterrey, Mexico — $368 (10 percent)
  8. San Juan, Puerto Rico — $314 (nine percent)
  9. San Jose, Costa Rica — $432 (eight percent)
  10. Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago — $550 (seven percent)

Hey, we’re not encouraging unhealthy habits here. Nor are we encouraging you to mortgage your house for a month-long food tour of Mexico. These are merely predictions and, much like finding a Valentine’s date after your New Year’s weight loss, not a guarantee. But if you’re the kind of person who likes to look for signs in everything, this is definitely a sign that April should be the end of your diet.

So loosen up your pants, grab some antacids, and download Skyscanner so you can find when prices are cheapest. Even if you don’t hit one of these 20 cities, April is still a fantastic month to get out and see the world, which sounds like a much better resolution than cutting carbs.

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