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This Company Will Pay You to Go on a Camping Road Trip This Summer

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by Tim Wenger Mar 12, 2018

Tepui, an adventure product brand which specializes in roof-top tents for automobiles, is sending 10 lucky travelers on the road this summer. Unlike most “win a dream trip” giveaways, this one actually gives participants the chance to do a bit of dreaming — they want to hear what your dream road trip looks like.

Think about this for a moment. Where would you head? Who would you bring? Tepui is looking for video submissions to be considered for the epic summer of adventure the brand is sponsoring.

Armed with cash and gear, the chosen few will head out into the abyss of their own design. Tepui covers expenses ($1,000 up front and $1,000 upon completion) and provides the gear, with 5 of the 10 winners taking home an additional $2,000 after its all said and done, plus a trip to TepuiFest where you’re sure to be a highlight of the party.

Sound awesome? Put together your dream trip and tell them why you’re stoked to hit the road. We suggest putting some time into research — you have until April 2 to get submissions in and there’s no prize for applying early. Be thorough, be passionate, be brave — and you might have the ultimate excuse to take a summer off work and cruise the country!

A bit of media savvy is necessary for the trip — they’re expecting thorough documentation via photo, video, and written content. But hey — it’s 2018, who are we kidding — you’re going to be documenting everything that happens anyway. Pro skills aren’t nearly as important as a desire to live and tell a cool story from the road.

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