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The Colorful Caribbean Island of Curacao Is Launching a Remote Worker Visa

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by Dayana Aleksandrova Apr 2, 2021

With the rise of working from home and the need to boost the local economy in destinations hurt by the pandemic, a number of destinations have started allowing remote workers to relocate temporarily. The Caribbean island of Curacao is the latest country to announce a remote worker visa that will allow people to live and work on there for up to one year.

In order to be eligible, remote workers need to prove that they have a remote job that is a foreign income source (i.e., you can’t be employed by a company based in Curacao) and present evidence that they have enough money to support themselves. While living there, digital nomads will not be subject to local tax.

Those who choose to apply for the remote work visa and relocate to Curacao will get to enjoy the crystal clear waters of Playa Piskado where they can dive with turtles, eat plenty of fresh seafood, cliff dive at the iconic Playa Forti, and climb through caves at Shete Boka National Park.

The application costs $294 and will be processed within two weeks. The visa grants remote workers a six-month stay, but if that’s not enough time in the sun for you, you can extend it for another six months.

Remote workers are also required to purchase valid international travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage and present a return ticket to be allowed entry into Curacao. Currently, anyone traveling to Curacao needs to show the negative result of a PCR test taken within 72 hours of departure and fill out a Passenger Locator Card.

Other nearby islands are extending similar offers, with Antigua and Barbuda offering up to two years, Barbados allowing a one-year digital nomad visa, and Mauritius with a year-long visa.

For more information on Curacao’s new remote worker visa program, check out its FAQ.

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