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Delta Is Bringing the First-Class Treatment to Coach Cabins

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by Eben Diskin Jul 3, 2019

There’s no doubt that paying for a first-class plane ticket gets you luxurious amenities, but the astronomical price often deters passengers from making the upgrade. Soon, they won’t need to pay more for good service. Starting this November, Delta economy passengers on international flights will be able to get a fancier experience that rivals the first-class treatment.

Travelers on international flights scheduled for 6.5 hours or longer, and those on select shorter international flights where Delta One or Delta Premium Select is offered will get hot towel service, welcome drinks after departure — including Bellinis, a cocktail made with sparkling wine and infused peach puree — and appetizers and entrees you might find in a restaurant, like grilled shrimp marinated in Harissa. Of course, with classier food comes classier dinnerware, and post-meal you can look forward to a second hot towel service and farewell chocolates.

Detla Airline better meals in economy class

Photo: Delta

Detla Airline farewell chocolates in economy class

Photo: Delta

These changes are being implemented after extensive reviews, tests, and surveys were conducted of passengers and cabin crews. Delta also upgraded its amenities kit, including cleansing towelettes, sleep masks, dental kits, and ear plugs.

Of course, footing the bill for a first-class seat will still come with a wide range of benefits and comforts not available in coach such as leg room, but for many, these new changes will make the coach experience significantly more tolerable.

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