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Disney Going Vegan With 400 New Food Options at Its US Parks

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by Elisabeth Sherman Sep 25, 2019

All you Mickey Mouse enthusiasts on a plant-based diet can now rejoice: Disney has finally decided to embrace veganism. Disney Parks recently pledged to add vegan options to all of its dining options, from sit-down restaurants to food stalls.

With cream-cheese filled churros and turkey legs among the most iconic Disney dishes, vegans found it difficult to navigate the parks’ dining options. But now all herbivores can take part in the joy of Disney with at least a little more ease. By spring 2020, 400 vegan dishes will land at both Disney World and Disneyland. It’s an impressive feat given that there are a combined 602 places to grab a bite, many of which highlight a global cuisine, from Cajun and Italian food to churros and cupcakes.

Vegan options you can expect to see at Disney’s US theme parks include steamed dumplings at Le Cellier, an Epcot restaurant, “Tatooine Two Suns Hummus” at Hollywood Studios, and well-fried tofu seasoned with chilis and “eggless florentine,” according to CNN. Diners can find the new dishes by looking for a green leaf logo on the menu.

Disney is also adding vegan options to menus at all 36 of the brand’s hotels in Orlando, as well as the three hotels in Anaheim. Dishes will include carrot gnocchi and cauliflower tacos.

Though Disney is reluctant to call these meals vegan, instead opting for the term “plant-based,” the company does pledge that each one is “made without animal meat, dairy, eggs, or honey,” which should fit the bill for anyone who identifies as vegan.

For now, the move to offer a full spectrum of vegan dining options is confined to parks in the US, but Paris and Hong Kong do offer a limited selection of plant-based meals, including plant-based dumplings and vegan risotto with mushrooms.

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