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Disneyland Is Opening a Real Pizza Planet From Toy Story This Summer

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by Tim Wenger Mar 28, 2018

Those planning a road trip through southern California this summer now have an extra incentive to stop at Disneyland. In a homage even adults can get excited about, “The Claw” will no longer be solely a fixture of cinematic legend. Pizza Planet, Buzz, and Woody’s nefarious hangout from the film Toy Story is coming to life soon inside the theme park’s Tomorrowland.

In case your memory needs a quick jog — Pizza Planet was made famous by the toy aliens stuck inside the claw arcade game, anxiously awaiting the arrival of their time to depart the confines of their dome.

Walt Disney News Today stated that the company has planned for Pizza Planet to take over the current location of “Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port,” bringing to life one of the most recognizable settings from the film. The opening date has yet to be announced but the switchover is planned for sometime in April. Disney needs time to install that giant spaceship that sits outside the restaurant, of course.

According to the report from Walt Disney News Today, the full name of the new counter-service pizza parlor is slated as “Alien’s Pizza Planet — A Better Place.” This, of course, references an even deeper cut from the film, wherein the aliens are selected by The Claw and deposited into the hands of an excited, screaming child. Fortunately, you can order a slice without having to worry about a large drone descending from the sky above and snatching you up. The screaming kids, on the other hand, may be tough to avoid in the real-life version.

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