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This Packable, 3-Piece Jacket Kit Keeps You Warm Without Taking Up Luggage Space

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by Suzie Dundas May 29, 2024

I don’t consider myself an ultralight traveler, but like most people, I prefer a lighter bag over a heavier one. But I get cold easily, so when I’m outdoors, my backpack is often weighed down with extra bulky layers. It’s especially noticeable when traveling, as carrying an extra outdoor jacket can easily fill half a carry-on.

That was the big draw for me for testing the Eddie Bauer “Super Sevens” Kit. It’s a three-piece set — a rain jacket, a wind jacket, and a fleece hoodie — supposedly able to keep you warm and dry in a huge range of temperatures and conditions. Equally important is its packability, as all three items are extremely thin and pack into their own pockets. The three items make seven different combos, hence the name “Super Sevens.”

When I got my hands on the kit, I was suspicious at first as all the items are extremely thin, and with no insulation, seemed like they wouldn’t do much to keep me warm. I spent a good two months testing each piece, and while I don’t think the set will replace my insulated winter jackets or puffy vests, they did keep me much warmer than I expected — especially since I’m used to pulling out my down jacket if the temperature gets below 55 degrees F.

eddie bauer super sevens kit all three

Left to right: The packed hoodie, rain jacket, and wind jacket. Each can actually compress to about half its size if smushed. Hat for comparison. Photo: Suzie Dundas

Together, the three pieces I tested weigh less than one pound. And when I packed them down tightly, I was able to fit into a stuff sack roughly as small as a Nalgene — impressive, for three layers. If you wear them together, put the rain jacket on the outside, followed by the wind jacket, followed by the sweater. But realistically, you’ll most likely wear either the rain jacket or the wind jacket over the fleece sweater, not all three at once.

All three pieces are part of the brand’s “First Ascent” line, representing the most technical, outdoor-ready pieces from the brand. While Eddie Bauer makes plenty of clothing for just lounging and everyday use, the Eddie Bauer Super Sevens Kit was created and tested by pro athletes, so it’s really targeted at that serious outdoor adventurer clientele.


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Here’s my take on the Super Sevens Kit, as an outdoorsy person who lives in the mountains, including which pieces are (and maybe aren’t) worth your money.

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Item one: Eddie Bauer Super Sevens Rain Jacket

Eddie Bauer Super sevens rain jacket

It’s pretty big shower when an iPhone camera can capture individual raindrops falling on you. Photo: Suzie Dundas

  • Available sizes: S-XXL
  • Tester info:  Tester is 5’7″ and normally wears a women’s small
  • Size tested: M
  • Price: $129+

This jacket is legit the best. I have several rain jackets (including a Patagonia one that I really like), but none are anywhere near as light or thin as the Super Sevens Rain Jacket. But despite being thin, the waterproof protection is legit, rated to 20K (the highest level of waterproofing available on consumer products). I got absolutely drenched while wearing it around Cape Town, South Africa, and while the travelers I was with were struggling with umbrellas and ponchos, I just pulled up the hood and went on with the day. The water beaded up so well on the outer fabric that all I had to do was occasionally jump around a bit to knock off some moisture.

Rain beading off the sleeves, rather than soaking in. Photo: Suzie Dundas
The Super Seven Rain Jacket is a nice lightweight layer when it's just a smidge too breezy for a t-shirt alone. Photo: Suzie Dundas
It packs into one of its own pockets, but can actually smush to about half this size. Photo: Suzie Dundas

Because it’s so thin, the Eddie Bauer Super Sevens Rain Jacket doesn’t add a lot of warmth. It adds some, since the waterproof fabric isn’t super breathable, so it traps your body heat a bit. That means the key to effectively using this layer is to always have it handy — it’s not going to keep you warm if you put it on after you’ve already gotten poured on. Fortunately, it folds up so extremely small that it’s quite easy to just leave in your outdoor pack. If you smush it, it packs up almost as small as a soda can.

Unfortunately, I got the wrong size. It says it has an “athletic” fit (the brand’s snuggest cut), so I sized up from my usual size, ordering a medium instead of a small. I’d say the sizing doesn’t feel very slim at all, so it definitely billows out around my shoulders and torso a bit. My conclusion is that Eddie Bauer tops just run a little big, so even if you don’t like slim fit items, I’d stick with your usual size. The baggy fit won’t stop me from continuing to wear it.

Pros: Very waterproof, very packable, big pockets, adjustable hood

Cons: Durability remains TBD, sizing runs a little big

Buy Now: Womens ($199)

Buy Now: Mens ($129)

Item two: Super Sevens Wind Jacket

eddie bauer super sevens wind jacket

The Eddie Bauer Super Sevens wind jacket — a bit billowy, but very effective at blocking wind. Photo: Suzie Dundas

  • Available sizes: S-XXL
  • Tester info:  Tester is 5’7″ and normally wears a women’s small
  • Size tested: M
  • Price: $129

The Super Sevens Wind Jacket is also great, though I have issues with sizing; wearing one size up makes me feel a bit balloon-ish when I caught the wind. In fairness, probably my fault for not swapping for a smaller size.

Aside from that, it works pretty well. I can’t say it works better than any other technical wind jacket I’ve tested, but it definitely packs up smaller than any others I’ve tested. It packs even smaller than the rain jacket, and with a little bit of stuffing, I was able to fit it in the pocket of my bike shorts. It also has a loop for clipping to a carabiner if you prefer to carry it on the outside of your pack (or on your harness).

eddie bauer super seven wind jacket packed up

That’s the wind jacket next to a small women’s glove. Ball it up, and it can smush down into more of a tennis ball size. Photo: Suzie Dundas

Because it’s so thin, like the rain jacket, it doesn’t add any warmth. But if you’ve ever heard the term “wind chill,” you know that strong wind can make you feel much colder than it is. So if you can block the wind from hitting your body, voila: you’re a lot warmer, even without more layers. It’s so tiny that keeping it in your hiking bag or mountain bike gear bin is a no-brainer. While it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it’s good at what it’s built to do — and it definitely excels at portability.

It also has a light water repelling finish, so it’ll keep you dry in early morning mist or heavy evening fog.

Pros: Super thin and packable, good price, secure chest pocket

Cons: No side pockets, runs big

Buy Now: Men’s 

Buy Now: Women’s

Item three: Super Sevens Fleece Hoodie

eddie bauer super sevens hoodie - womens

The Super Sevens Fleece Hoodie: It’s no down jacket, but it’s warmer than you’d think. Photo: Suzie Dundas

  • Available sizes: S-XXL
  • Tester info:  Tester is 5’7″ and normally wears a women’s small
  • Size tested: S
  • Price: $99

When I first got the Eddie Bauer Super Sevens Fleece Hoodie in the mail, I thought “There’s no way this thing is going to last more than a week.” The loose weave is very thin, to the point of being almost see-through. But here we are two months later, and it doesn’t seem to have snagged or caught in anything (though I am careful when zipping a jacket over it).

Despite that, it’s as warm as a heavier hoodie, despite weighing only four ounces — but it’s still lightweight, so don’t expect to stay warm with the sweater alone in the middle of winter. It won’t keep you as warm as a giant thick fleece, but it takes up a fraction of the amount of space in your bag and is a heck of a lot warmer than it looks. This also means it’s easy to fit on under snug jackets, making it ideal for activities like climbing, when you don’t want a ton of extra fabric balled up under your harness. It does have more durable patches around the elbows (also helpful for climbing), but I’d still recommend treating it with a little extra TLC in the laundry.

Size-wise, this one was pretty standard. I normally wear a small and tested this in a small, which seemed correct. While I don’t think I’d wear it as an everyday sweater to a restaurant or outdoor party, it’s definitely something I’ll continue to carry in my hiking pack if I’m worried about being a bit too chilly. It could also be useful as an extra layer on planes since it won’t add much bulk to my bag.

Super sevens sweater eddie bauer

You can see the outline of my tank underneath in the right lighting conditions. (Ignore the dog hair) Photo: Suzie Dundas

My only real gripe (aside from the thinness; you can see whatever you’re wearing under it in the right light) is that the kangaroo pocket on the front isn’t very useful. The sweater is so light that putting anything with any weight in the pocket pulls heavily on the sweater. But the pocket is primarily there as a stuff sack, anyway.

Pros: Ultralight, warmer than anticipated, thumb holes, reinforced forearms, extremely soft

Cons: A bit see through, very thin (could be prone to snags), limited color options

Buy Now: Women’s

Buy Now: Men’s

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