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Fly to Dubai With Emirates Right Now and You’ll Get Dirt-Cheap Hotels and Free Tickets to the Top of the World’s Tallest Building

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by Matthew Meltzer Aug 8, 2018

Dubai, to a lot of us, is kind of a myth. A place where they seemingly build the world’s largest skyscraper and cars made of pure gold every year. It’s the sort of futuristic wonderland that seems so far from reality that it’s not even a thought for Americans’ vacations. The 14 hour flights don’t help. Neither does the perception that Dubai is only a place for the insanely-wealthy, where hotel rooms cost thousands of dollars and come with your own personal towel folder.

Emirates is trying to change that. The city’s official airline already has the Dubai Connect program, where the airline gives you a free hotel room in the city when you have an overnight layover. But this summer, it’s going a step further.

In addition to offering some insanely cheap rates on Dubai hotels, Emirates is also throwing in tickets to some of the city’s coolest attractions. Fly on Emirates and you won’t just get an affordable place to stay, you’ll speed down waterslides, play in a virtual reality park, or go to the VIP deck atop the Burj Khalifa absolutely free.

Hotels for under 50 bucks, epic city views, and a free trip to LEGOLAND!

OK, so let’s say you plunked down the airfare to fly Emirates to Dubai. No small check to write for sure, but once you get there your lodging and entertainment just got a lot more affordable.

With a confirmed booking on Emirates, you can get a room at the Rove Dubai Marina on the city’s trendy waterfront for $49 a night. That’s less than the Motel 6 you pass on the way to work in the morning. But does Motel 6 throw in a couple of tickets to LEGOLAND? Probably not.

However the Rove does; you’ll get two tickets to any of the Dubai Parks and Resorts. In addition to LEGOLAND, that includes the DreamWorks-themed MOTIONGATE Dubai, which is like Disneyland but for edgier movies. Or you can get your highly-choreographed group dance on at BOLLYWOOD PARKS. Or splash around at LEGOLAND Water Park. It’s summer in Dubai…that might be your best bet.

If you want to be closer to the action, the Rove Downtown has rooms for Emirates passengers for $99 a night. More than the Motel 6, but still less than you’d expect to pay for a hotel with a rooftop pool and a view of the Burj Khalifa. A night there also includes a couple of tickets to Dubai’s new virtual reality park at the Dubai Mall. Here, you’ll spend the afternoon in the world’s largest VR park doing everything from playing hitman John Wick to acting out a scene from The Mummy to flying over Dubai in 2050.

For $149 a night guests can stay at the Manzil Downtown, with free tickets to La Perle — described as a “theatrical showcase, which transports its audience with interactive experience around Dubai’s past, present, and future.”

But the show-stopping deal is at the Address Downtown hotel, where for $199 a night you’ll get two tickets to At the Top at the Burj Khalifa. For the unaware, this VIP deck on the very top of the world’s tallest building is usually reserved for people who see the line to go to the regular observation deck, and think $135 is a fair price to skip it. It’s not only the best view of Dubai you can find, it’s a $270 value that comes free with your sub-$200 hotel room. Basically, you’re making money.

The deals are good on flights booked from now until September 29th, on stays through September 30th. It might be your best chance to experience a lot of the amazing things this city has to offer without draining your bank account. Though you still might need to save up for that car made of gold.

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