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Entire Cruise Ship Cheer Tardy Passengers Who Delayed the Departure

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by Eben Diskin Jun 27, 2019

Late passengers are usually despised in the traveling community – after all, their tardiness is taking up precious vacation time for the rest of us. But for most of the Norwegian Cruise Line passengers earlier this month, a delay was no biggie, apparently.

The cruise ship was preparing to disembark from Bermuda, but was held up by three passengers who failed to show up for the 2:30 PM departure time, reported Thrillist.

Embarrassingly — though according to protocol — the crew announced their names via the intercom, and eventually prepared to leave without them. When they were seen sprinting for the ship, however, the crew reopened the gangway and waited for them to arrive at the dock, go through security, and eventually board.

The ship full of passengers was only delayed by 20 minutes, and the other passengers did not hold it against the latecomers. They watched them run all the way up the dock to the ship and welcomed them back with some applause and loud cheers. It’s a welcoming committee never seen on an airplane, that’s for sure.

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