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This Epic Pop-Up Restaurant at Everest Base Camp Will Change How You View Fine Dining

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by Tim Wenger May 7, 2018

The era of foodie culture has officially reached new heights: the world’s highest mountain. Later this month there will be a first-rate meal served at Everest Base Camp for ten trail-hungry diners. This trek will add another notch to the belt of touristy activities available on the mountain (you can also glamp on Mount Everest, if a regular tent is too rugged for you). Trekkers will dine on a seven-course, chef-prepared feast after hiking to base camp and foraging for ingredients along the way.

The trip is being led by four high-class chefs who hope to set a Guinness World Record for highest pop-up restaurant, dubbed “Triyagyoni.” The experience starts long before the luxurious meal itself. The chefs will accompany a group of ten diners on an adventure from Lukla, Nepal to Everest Base Camp beginning at the end of May.

The trip is all-inclusive, with the hosts providing accommodations and flights. The trek involves about six hours of hiking per day for eight days, which to experienced backpackers may not sound like a lot but remember, you’re heading up to 11,600 feet. The air is incredibly thin and the weather can be unpredictable. We’re guessing that by the time you get there, you’ll be ready for an all-out feast.

Indian chef Sanjay Thakur is among the masterminds behind the project. “The biggest challenge of course will be the altitude, which will affect everything,” he told Fine Dining Lovers. “Flavour [perception] will be decreased, so we will be designing a menu of extraordinary dishes accordingly, where spices will have the upper hand.”

If you’re game, get your ticket quick as the excursion heads out soon and plans for a packed house. Tickets cost $5600; get yours by emailing

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