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This Map Shows the Most Popular Fast Food Chain in Every Country

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by Eben Diskin Jan 25, 2021

We live in a consumer-driven world these days, where big brands dominate the economy and globalization means people have more access than ever to products from around the world. Despite our plethora of options, we still tend to flock to the same quick comfort foods no matter where we may be traveling. Some people frown upon indulging in fast food abroad, but those people are probably on hour six of a road trip and needlessly holding out for “local food” when there are several perfectly good Subways along the way. Fast food chains are an affordable, familiar, convenient option when you’re traveling, and every country does it differently.

The finance and lending research site BusinessFinancing put together a map showing the most popular fast-food brands in every country in the world. They used Google Keyword Planner to measure search volume data for top brands over the past year and identify the most-searched fast food chain in each country.

Unsurprisingly, McDonald’s is the most-searched fast-food brand in the world, taking the number one spot in 75 countries. KFC is the most popular in 65 countries while Pizza Hut comes in at 28. It might surprise you to learn, however, that McDonald’s doesn’t dominate American search engines, with Pizza Hut truly capturing the hearts of US citizens. Canadians demonstrate their loyalty to a local chain by favoring Tim Hortons above all else, while Domino’s also makes a good showing in places like Australia, Mexico, and India.

If you’re planning an international trip and want to know what fast food you’re in for, check out the full map. BusinessFinancing also has more maps detailing the most popular consumer brands in each country, for those who wish to look beyond fast food.

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