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The 10 Best Fetish Clubs Around the World

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by Georgina Guthrie Jun 29, 2022

Sex clubs and swingers resorts are great for your vanilla, garden-variety public sex. But as anyone with a fetish knows, an approximation just doesn’t hit the spot. When you want leather, you want leather and nothing else will do. Fetish clubs get that.

Fetish clubs range from bars, nightclubs, or social members-only clubs that cater to a clientele who want to explore their sexuality, fetishes, and dominance and/or submission. There are generally no strict codes of conduct, but most venues will have general guidelines that need to be adhered to.

This is why they’re such hallowed places for kinky folk: these domains of debauchery offer a safe space for enthusiasts to truly unleash those desires and be free among like-minded people. So whether you love dommes or diapers, sadism or subbing, or you just fancy a swift paddle to the behind — gussy up, get ready, and get freaky with this list of 10 of the best fetish clubs around the world.

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1. Club Black Whip in London

Created and run by the legendary Madame Caramel, Club Black Whip was born out of a need for more diversity in the fetish — and specifically Black femdom — community.

Club Black Whip is a vibrant d/s (dominance and submission) group created for Black d ommes and the white male submissives who want to adore them. And while the core ethos remains, all nationalities, ethnicities, and genders are welcome. The Club is now a closed event, so in order to attend you must email for permission.

The dress code is fetish only, or if that’s not possible, all black with a collar for subs (sold at the door if you forget yours). Submissives should bring cash for the Champagne fund, and remember to join in with the games (voyeurism is a big no-no). Who wouldn’t want to take a spin on the Wheel of Misfortune, anyway?

Fetishes: All safe and consensual fetishes allowed.

Who is Club Black Whip for: Club Black Whip welcomes all.

Address: 265 Poyser Street, London E2 9RF, United Kingdom

2. Bar Sinister in Los Angles

Something of an institution in Hollywood’s BDSM community, Sinister is the go-to venue for those with a soft spot for gothy getups. While dark decadence abounds, fetishists of other persuasions are more than welcome to be as creative as their kinky imagination allows, whether that be leather, latex, uniforms, or something else.

Upstairs in the bar, you’ll find the Purgatory room, where masters and mistresses inflict an array of painful experiments on their willing victims. Not for the faint-hearted, this room caters to kink connoisseurs of an edgier variety. Expect serious sadomasochistic games on full view. The club has theme nights on offer every month. Check the calender for the latest details.

Fetishes: All safe and consensual fetishes are allowed.

Who is Bar Sinister for: Bar Sinister welcomes all.

Address: 1652 N Cherokee Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Opening hours: Monday 10:00 PM — 2.30 AM, Saturday 10:00 PM — 2.30 AM

3. LAB.ORATORY in Berlin

Did you know Berghain had a basement? And that it also happens to house one of the most famous male-only party spots? LAB.ORATORY is a cruise club for kinksters of all stripes — but those whose tastes err towards the more depraved are well catered to here. In fact, rumor has it the urinals from Berghain are directly connected to the shower heads in LAB.ORATORY below. Is it true? That would be telling.

Guests have two floors of industrial concrete and metal to navigate, plus the usual array of swings, cages, and harnesses. There’s also a wet room and a labyrinth to explore solo or with a play partner. When it comes to the dress code, pretty much anything goes, but fetishwear is encouraged.

Fetishes: All safe and consensual fetishes are allowed.

Who is LAB.ORATORY for: LAB.ORATORY welcomes gay cis men only.

Address: Am Wriezener bhf, 10243 Berlin, Germany

Opening hours: Thursday 9:00 PM — 11:00 PM, Friday 10:00 PM — 12:00 AM, Saturday 10:00 PM — 12:00 AM, Sunday 04:00 PM — 06:00 PM

4. Hellfire Club in Queensland, Australia

Sate your hedonistic hankerings at Hellfire. With a reputation of being one of Australia’s friendliest fetish clubs, veterans and newbies alike play side by side. The crowd is diverse here and you’ll meet kinksters of all varieties, from drag queens to leather kings and beyond.

The club itself opens every Saturday and runs regular parties hosted by resident dungeon masters and mistresses. Expect DJs spinning tunes late into the night, plus plenty of opportunities to express your kinky desires in (and on) the flesh, something made all the easier thanks to the club’s dungeon equipment on offer.

Fetishes: All safe and consensual fetishes are allowed.

Who is Hellfire Club for: Hellfire Club welcomes all.

Address: 130 Leichhardt St, Spring Hill QLD 4000, Australia

Opening hours: Saturday 09:00 PM — 2:00 AM

5. Bar Bar Fetish Club in Bangkok

The neighborhood of Bucking Patong is known for gogo bars, but Bar Bar Fetish Club offers something for those with kinkier requirements. Now in its 15th year, this stalwart of Bangkok’s BDSM community offers parties, games, and private rooms (plus a glass one if exhibitionism is more your thing). There’s also a spanking bench, medieval stocks, and other implements for debauchery at your disposal.

One of the more open on this list in terms of rules, you can show up as a couple or single (solo men allowed too), and join in with the games or indulge your voyeuristic side. The venue also has an in-house team of pro-dommes and subs on hand for those who want to explore their kinks with an expert. And the dress code? Pretty relaxed. A black shirt and/or mask, both of which are provided free at the door if needed.

Fetishes: All safe and consensual fetishes are allowed.

Who is Bar Bar for: Bar Bar welcomes all.

Address: House number 7, Patpong Soi 2 Suriyawong Sub-District, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Opening hours: Seven days a week 6:00 PM — 1:00 AM

6. MSC Finland — Tom’s Club in Helsinki

Founded in 1976, Tom’s Club (named after gay icon Tom of Finland) hosts legendary kink events once a month. The dress code is strict, so don’t just rock up in chinos and a jumper — we’re talking head-to-toe leather or rubber, uniforms, biker gear, and sportswear here. Jeans are allowed, but it needs to be traditional masculine denim paired with a tight vest and jacket. Alongside kinky parties, Tom’s Club hosts education events and socials (spanking workshop anyone?) — check Twitter or the events calendar for the latest updates.

Fetishes: All safe and consensual fetishes are allowed.

Who is Tom’s Club for: Tom’s Club welcomes gay cis men.

Address: PL 48 FIN-00531 Helsinki Finland

7. Department-H in Tokyo

Whether you’re into furries or femdoms, Department-H is the spot to be. This is one of Tokyo’s best-loved fetish nights, with guests treated to more sexy performances than you can shake a whip at — think drag shows and striptease, drinking, and games with your fellow revelers.

BYOB is allowed (though do check the rules for each event before you go), but bring cash for kinky goodies. Dress code-wise, the more eyebrow-raising the better: we’re talking fetish with a cosplay flavor. If you’re more LARP than latex, this is the party for you.

Fetishes: All safe and consensual fetishes are allowed.

Who is Department-H for: Department-H welcomes all.

8. Cris et Chuchotements in Paris

Unrestrained decadence is the name of the game at Cris et Chuchotements (Cries and Whispers) Club. This is a place where sadomasochistic Parisians while away the evening in elegant surroundings. Run by Marquis Pascal, the club welcomes veterans and newbies alike, though if you place yourself in the latter category, let Pascal know so he can show you the ropes, so to speak.

The dress code is libertine, fetish, or S&M. Leather, lace, or latex are safe bets, but an all-black outfit is tolerated. On the last Sunday of every month is the legendary sale of the slaves (that’s an event where submissives are auctioned off like horses), while on other nights, expect to see the club welcome dommes and mistresses from all over France. There’s plenty on offer for foot, shoe, and nylon fetishists too — look out for themed nights and book early.

Fetishes: D/s, with themed nights offering a wider variety.

Who is Cris et Chuchotements for: Cris et Chuchotements welcomes all.

Address: 9 Rue Truffaut, 75017 Paris, France

Opening hours: Wednesday — Saturday 10:00 PM — 2:00 AM

9. ManiFest in Copenhagen

Welcome to the largest fetish club in Scandanavia. Running since 1995, this dream spot for kinky sorts caters to most fantasies and fringe fetishes, no matter how wild. Since ManiFest is all about kinky clothing, you’ll need to impress the door staff before you’re let in. You know the drill: if it wouldn’t raise eyebrows at a regular club, you’re not trying hard enough. Attendees have an array of events to choose from, from masquerade balls to rubber clubbing nights. Check the event calendar for the latest updates on parties.

Fetishes: All safe and consensual fetishes allowed.

Who is ManiFest for: ManiFest welcomes all.

10. Torture Garden in London (plus various global events)

From leather to latex, feet to fornifilia (being a piece of human furniture, for the layperson), Torture Garden (aka TG) welcomes a broad range of tastes through its doors each month. Events come jam-packed with special guests and live performances, art installations, DJs, and more.

One thing to note about TG is its strict dress code. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been on the scene — if you don’t look the part, you’re not getting in. But don’t stress too much — this isn’t Berghain. The philosophy is simple: just come as an extreme version of yourself. “More is more” according to the dress guidelines — so whether you’re a crossdresser or a club kid, don your most fabulous fetishwear and flaunt it. And hey, if you’re overdressed you can always take layers off as the night goes on. In fact, it’s encouraged.

Fetishes: All safe and consensual fetishes allowed.

Who is Torture Garden for: Torture Garden welcomes all.

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