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The Best Fitness Gadgets to Commit to a Healthy Lifestyle This Summer

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by Kate Miller Jul 26, 2019

With the best intentions, a healthy lifestyle is a year-round commitment. But the truth is that fitness tends to change with the seasons. Different variables such as weather, health, commitments, hobbies, and travel can impact our lifestyle hugely. Yet with these long sunny days and so many reasons to get outside, now is a great time to recommit to your fitness. If warm summer temperatures and sunlight aren’t enough to get out and move, these eight fitness gadgets might be the motivation you need. Try them out and see what technology can help you achieve your goals this season, and keep those achievements going all through fall.

1. Ozmo Active Smart Bottle

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Let’s start with arguably the most important component of summer fitness — hydration. The sun is hot and our bodies need water to stay safe, increase stamina, and perform our best. Stay on top of your hydration with the Ozmo Active Smart Bottle. This BPA-free,16-ounce bottle will vibrate throughout the day to remind you to drink up, and an LED light will show your progress. The Bluetooth connectivity will also sync to a smartphone so you can track your hydration habits.

2. Tangran Smartrope

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As a kid jump-roping was fun; as an adult it’s a great workout. The Tangran Smartrope makes it even more enjoyable by doing the counting for you, both in-air and in-app. With each evolution of the LED-embedded jump rope, it will display your workout data mid-air. After your workout, the Smartrope syncs your data to a smartphone for easy fitness tracking. Bring the rope outside, enjoy the sunshine, and see if you can beat your jump streak. Also available in rookie or pure versions with slightly different features, such as an adjustable rope and longer battery life.

3. Bose Soundsport Free wireless headphones

Take advantage of longer days and warm evenings with a bike ride, hike, run, or walk. Stay energized by tuning into your favorite podcast or summer playlist. The Bose Soundsport Free wireless headphones will provide five hours of comfortable, reliable, clear sound. They’re engineered with the athlete in mind and are built to comfortably conform naturally to the shape of your ear. The headphones promise to make sound full and balanced at any volume so you can focus on taking your fitness to the next level, true crime podcasts, or whatever motivates you.

4. Garmin Forerunner 235

Photo: Garmin watches/Facebook

Now is the time to start thinking about end-of-year races. With fall being a popular time for some of the nation’s biggest runs, you’re still in time to train. The Garmin Forerunner 235 has all the features a runner needs without the extra distractions. Stay focused on your workouts with this fitness watch that tracks distance, pace, time, heart rate, daily steps, calories, and sleep. The Garmin Forerunner 235 connects to a smartphone for simple integration with other apps or access to the Garmin app. The Garmin app has easy-to-understand charts and graphs to track progress and make sure you’re ready at the starting line.

5. JaxJox KettlebellConnect

Photo: JAXJOX/Facebook

Even with the extra hours of sunlight, summer days go by fast. The JaxJox KettlebellConnect can help you save time with an in-home workout. This smart kettlebell is six weights in one and all you need for a quick, effective, full-body workout. The weight can be changed between 12 and 42 pounds in under three seconds, making it easy to switch from kettlebell swings to deadlifts. The JaxJox KettlebellConnect will hold a charge for 14 hours, connect up to nine users, and sync all data to an app. The app tracks reps, sets, weight, and rest time so you can track progress and get those gains.

6. Powerdot Pain Reliever

Recovery is another important part of fitness, especially in summer when the spike in temperatures can make workouts more strenuous. The Powerdot Pain Reliever is an FDA-approved, smart muscle, and recovery performance tool that will keep you feeling your best. The device connects to a smartphone app that controls more than 10 electric muscle stimulation programs. The technology is designed to help you recover faster, massage out knots, avoid training fatigue, increase muscle strength, prevent injury, and more. It’s also sleek and TSA-approved, so the Powerdot Pain Reliever can go wherever your travels bring you this summer.

7. Vyper 2 Vibrating Fitness Roller

Photo: Hyperice/Facebook

Foam rolling continues to be an effective way to warm up or recover from a workout. The Hyperice Vapor 2 brings foam rolling up a notch — literally. The fitness roller has vibration technology with three different speeds resulting in deeper muscle activation. It can be used before or after workouts for increased flexibility, circulation, and reduced muscle soreness. The roller is also made of eco-friendly material and is TSA-approved.

8. Withings Body Cardio

Photo: Withings/Facebook

Scales can be a hard thing to recommend because weight only tells a small part of a person’s health. Especially during the summer where long runs end with ice cream and gym sessions are followed by BBQs. That’s why the Withings Body Cardio is a good option for monitoring health data without getting too hung up on pounds lost. Along with weight, this scale also sends an imperceptible electrical charge through you to measure bone mass, body fat, heart rate, and water weight. It sends the data to your smartphone for ongoing tracking and can differentiate between family members.

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