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Former Flight Attendant Reveals the Real Reason Why Flight Attendants Greet You on the Plane

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by Olivia Harden Aug 10, 2022

Flight attendants definitely set a tone for how a flight is going to go. Getting greeted is a nice way to connect with them on arrival, but the gesture is more than a good faith practice of customer service. Kat Kamalani, a former flight attendant of six years, has taken to TikTok to explain things like why flight attendants can’t help you place your bag in the overhead bin and why tray tables need to be put away during take off and landing. Recently, Kamalani explained what flight attendants are really doing when they greet you before takeoff.

@katkamalani You would never guess the last part… #secretsrevealed #traveler #momsontiktok #flightcrew #travelhacks ♬ Sunny Day – Ted Fresco

In the comments, some asked how flight attendants know someone is a medical professional or emergency responder. Kamalani said it’s appreciated when these passengers let the flight attendant know when they’re greeted.

“I always tell them that I’m a nurse and a paramedic and where I sit. My firefighter friend told me to do so and since then it’s always appreciated,” said @tobis_private_tiktok.

Others joked about their ability to help.

“Does it count if we watch Grey’s Anatomy?” Julia Holzschuher wrote, to which Kalamani responded “Absolutely!”

“now I’m going to start limping everytime I board a plane..,” commenter @stellakinns said.

In addition to seeing who could assist in an emergency, flight attendants are on high alert for instances of human trafficking. Human trafficking is a big problem regardless of where you’re traveling. Many flight attendants have been able to intercept victims with proper training. And if you see something, you should say something.

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