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A Flight Attendant Shared Ridiculous Passenger Requests and It's Hard to Believe These Are Real

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by Olivia Harden Jul 24, 2022

Flight attendants have a difficult job. While you might think you’re the perfect passenger, you might be surprised at some of the rules you break, like asking your flight attendant to put your bag up in the overhead bin (you shouldn’t). But there are some passengers who take the chance on flights to ask the most ridiculous things.

Emily, a Ryanair flight attendant from Essex, posted a TikTok of some of the most ridiculous requests she’s been asked as a flight attendant. Passenger requests included opening the windows because it was too hot, another wanted the engine turned off because it was too loud, and another still requested the plane be flown lower to the ground because they were afraid of heights.

@emilyw.2002 And thats not even half of it …. #cabincrew #cabincrewstories #dayinthelife #ryanair ♬ original sound – KyleAndJackieo

And Emily says this isn’t even half of it. And while some people in the comments found it difficult to believe that requests like wanting the engine off had happened, others were not surprised.

“When I say I’m scared of flying, I’m not scared of the plane, I’m scared of the ppl in it,” user patricia.matuszewskii commented.

Other passengers joked about the obvious need for the engine.

“I mean… turning off the engine would also help the person scared of heights” user Dim commented.

“Turn off the engine. Yeh hang on love!” Gabriella Reid wrote.

A different type of request, the one where the passenger asked to buy Emily a drink on the flight in order to get her number could easily be defined as harassment — not to mention you probably don’t want your flight attendant drinking on the job.

So the next time you go to hit that call request light, think about whether your request is reasonable and, especially, possible.

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